Sunday, December 27, 2009

DocRose's ride...something like eye candy...

shama cycles 008
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I work hard to make every bike I build just a little different. Sure...each bike is custom and as far as geometry goes...each one is absolutely different and that alone is what makes them more comfortable and faster for the owner than anything else. Lets be honest...that is not what gets attention while riding with friends...the looks of the bike is what matters. I clients spend about 90% of the decision making process on a custom frame on picking the color of it. NOT the geometry. Often I design the frame in a day or so and yet it could take a week to nail down the color. HAHAHA After all...its how we tell our bike apart from others. This bike for Carlye was no different. For some reason most of the bikes I build are painted in ways that Guru doesn't really offer as a typical menu option. But that is what its all about...making the bike "look" as unique as the geometry itself. Have I mentioned I love my job???

Carlye's Guru Magis was a build we took a gamble on. The color is bold and I had to figure a way to set it off even more. I turned to Velocity and ordered a custom set of wheels from them since she is going to keep these a while as training and race wheels. Ordering the Frost Blue rims was a bit of a risk as just the wrong shade could through it off bad. We got lucky and the blue rim was nearly an identical match and set this little build off! We were able to use Hed bars, Sram Force components which the dark metal finish there matches the Platinum accents in the paint finish. Pretty perfect if you ask me! The day she picked up this little rig I had quite a bit of traffic through the shop and EVERYONE that saw the bike commented on the wheels and how they match the bike. Carlye and I laughed each time as I really thought the frame is pretty awesome as well as the build...but those bubble gum wheels just makes ya stare that much longer.
Look for this one out at the local sprints and olys...should be easy to spot in T1 and T2...on the will just see a Frost Blue Blurr!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Crit bike...Kirklee custom road frame

So if you have seem my blog at one time or another you would have seen this bike. I love it, SUPER light and this thing corners like its on rails. I have had this bike raced at 13lbs and at 16lbs. Though I do enjoy it at 15lbs. Its been wrecked and still is great. Even been in Interbike this year for the Rotor and Kirklee booth. LOVE IT! As you look at the pics...look at the writing under the clear coat...its my tube lengths, angles, and weights for my frame made for me since its custom. Each custom frame is like this...this is what makes it custom...not choosing paint colors and stems and wheel decals on a stock geometry frame.

My Old Crono

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Loved this rig. Finally a TT rig that fit me and I could FLY on. But its gone now...while I wait on my Crono 2.0. I found these old pics and had to put them up.

14lbs Guru Geneo

shama cycles 001
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So this little rig was not really meant to be super light, but with the size of the frame its kinda hard not to get it there. Edge makes about the only bar and stem combo that I would use in carbon. Then looking at the Easton SLX wheelset, Sram RED, Tune carbon ti skewers, Selle SMP Forma saddle, KCNC TiPro seatpost, and making a Rotor SABB Ceramic bottom bracket work on a Sram crank...this bike is ready to fly and on this morning's ride I sat in a group of 9 guys and watched her take her pull at 25mph...she has been riding about a year and does not race...YET!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Recovery there really such a thing with racers???

Everyone waiting before the start of the ride.....

Some Shama Cycles team members having a meeting to discuss
the strategy for the recovery ride upon us...

It was Stephanie's birthday we decorated her Guru for the ride

Amy with her new Geneo...wearing a kit from Canada for a team that Guru sponsors.

Doug's choice of "post ride nutrition" at Taqueria Aranda's

So the weather in Houston the past couple of weeks has been CRAP and totally putting a damper on my come back. Because I am a fare weather ride and loath the trainer...if it ain't dry I am not riding. I don't want to get my kit to get dirty...or my pretty bike. So anyway...finally we have a dry weekend even though its crazy cold for Houston. Saturday we did a ride through Old Town Spring and it was great. Nice long ride, good pace and great group. Sunday was the big one though. We planned out a new route and planned it as the "Sunday Recovery Ride" and mapped out about 53 miles. With bagels and coffee pre and post ride...we were set for the perfect day. I don't know what it is about starting out when its 38 degrees but I never feel like going that fast in the cold. We had a great least 40 riders. We leave the shop and make a right on to N. Post Oak and look up the road and there is already a 50 yard gap. ARE YOU FOR REAL? We "surge" up the road and catch on and make the left onto Hempsted Hwy there we go again...sprinting to catch back on. Shelby (Nationaly ranked trackie) even started to complain which was pretty funny. None the less he we are flying down the road on a "recovery ride". I swear you can't put two road racers together on a ride with out them trying to "half wheel" each other while trying to carry on a calm conversation. hahaha We hit some lights on the way out and with a group this large it easy to split the group. I hung back with the stragglers that were actually doing a "recovery pace" and rolled for a couple miles before catching up with the rest of the hammer heads while they waited for us at a corner. We hit some amazing roads and great stretches. Finally the pace slowed after my friend and team mate Jeff Gardner pulled off and cut his ride short. We love Jeff and I am glad he races for me and not against me...but recovery ride for that guy is like at 24mph. Finally we hit George Bush Park and rolled through there with some speed. We ride here alot during the week so I knew where to take off and where draft. Had some fun at some good speeds and then when we hit the end at Briar Forest and Hwy 6 we shut it down and waited for everyone else. We got to hear Shelby and Laura complain AGAIN about the pace...they wanted to keep it a recovery ride or as Aimee called it "postpartum pace". This was Aimee's first group ride back after having her little baby which put out her out of racing the 2009 season. She left the 2008 season strong and was KILLING it in the training rides last off season...but her husband Trey wanted to focus on his season and needed a feedzone chic so he got his darling bride pregnant. haha Needless to say it was GREAT to have Aimee back out with us as we ALL missed her on the bike and can't wait to have her racing with us again this season.
In all we finished the ride safe and a little warmer than when we started which made all happy...especially as we devoured the rest of the and whatever else was in the fridge. Great day, great ride, great friends...I love my job.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

SUPER FUNNY...cause its true!

So this is just something that went around during Thanksgiving. I laughed and when I showed it to my fiance' she cried...a glimpse at the years to come. hahaha
Towards the end there is an R rated word...pardon that...but its funny through and through.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Pics from Interbike 2009

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I wanted to post the bigger files on Flickr since the pics load better this way. Enjoy.

Cory's 2007 Crono

CoryGholson 008
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I sold him his rig back in the day and since its been an upgrade here and there to get it to the machine it is. This rig has carried him to countless local podiums and to his first Ironman in Florida this year.
Rotor cranks, QRings, SABB, ceramic pulley wheels, Dura Ace drivetrain, TRP brakes, Nokon cables, Zipp 404s. Selle SMP saddle, Easton and Profile aerobars.
I wonder what his next upgrade will be...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Time RXR (two of them)

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So my customers usually have a very different way of thinking...or justifying certain things. Everyone that rides has one bike at least. Then you need a second one that is just different...or maybe you need a triathlon or TT bike. Maybe a cross bike. Maybe one race and one fun. Who knows...but some times you might share time between two places and if you race you might want two race bikes. So what do you do? Buy two of the identical bike with all the same parts and let the accents of brakes, bar tape, cables and cages change the look. With the change of a couple items here since pics. We have a Good and Bad version of the same bike. One has white bottle cages, brakes, bartape, saddle, and cables. The other...those items are black. Pretty awesome if you ask me especially when its Time's newest premier road bike the RXR. Being the only stock bike line I sell it had to be special for me to sell it. As you can see from the pics this bike is super sexy. The frames come with the stem and an integrated seat mast.
Side note on integrated seat masts. You have to cut them down to get the saddle height right. If you cut them too low you are done...hope to find someone with shorter legs to ride it or you just bought a this case...this is about one of the most expensive frames there I took about an hour of looking at this thing before I cut it. I was talking to myself and was bad. Finally I cut it just right and I could relax once do this twice. job really is tough and stressful. haha
So on with the parts.
Sram Red shifters, front and rear D, Zero Gravity GSL brakes, Rotor 3D cranks, Rotor SABB ceramic, Time pedals, Selle San Marco Regal saddle, Deda Zero 100 bars, Gore sealed cable system. Elite cages. 16lbs with training wheels...

Ahhhhhh to have two bikes...two really really really nice bikes...everyone should live this well. And I am only to happy to help...

Geneo 3.0

Mixed 061
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This frame is actually 3 seasons old. Its been involved in countless wrecks and now has been repainted for a 3rd time. So no...this is not his 3rd Geneo in 3 years...just a refreshed version. Orion with Platinum lettering. The frame is good as new and fits like a glove. With Dura Ace 7900 drive-train, Zero Gravity brakes, Zipp Vuma Quad cranks, Ricthey bar and stem combo and an Easton seatpost...with Gore sealed system cabling. This bike is ready for the 2010 season and ready to make the other cat 3s hurt!

14lbs Cervelo R3SL build

Mixed 064
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So I started off with this guy refitting his old Cervelo that he wrecked on and broke his femur in a little spill in a turn. The refit helped him get back on the bike post recovery and with things going well he brought in this little gem he picked up a couple months ago. Sure I love selling new bikes but the next best thing to that is building up a frame and being able to put my touch on it.
Total this rig weighs in at 14lbs and 8oz. Pretty nice for a bike that is race ready. Sram Red shifters, Sram Red cassette, Sram Red front and rear D. Rotor 3D cranks with a titanium spindle, Rotor Qrings, Rotor Sabb, Deda bar and stem, 3T Doric seatpost, Look Carbon Ti pedals, Nokon cables, Tune skewers, HED Ardennese wheels, Schwalbe Durano S tires, Zero Gravity brakes, AX Lightness bottle cage holders, and a Fizik Aroine saddle.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bike The Bend charity ride

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My longest ride yet...60 miles. This is about my 7th ride in my come back and so far so good. I have to admit I was a bit nervous....I even broke out the race wheels just to grab every advantage I could for fear of my lack of fitness and length of the ride. Starting off everyone (mostly team members) was pretty nice....they kept looking back to make sure I was there (for fear if they dropped me I would knock them off the team haha) and doing ok. For the first 30 minutes it was a slow roll and passing people and having some latch on. Finally we picked up two guys who wouldn't pull and were VERY twitchy in the line. Needless to say I was overcautious and getting a bit irritated. But I would have to think its bad form for me to be the jerk to say what everyone was thinking. After all we were all there at one time. So after one turn on to another road Eric took off...I couldn't help myself and with total disregard to my lack of fitness I launched out of the group (from the back) and chased....I caught him and even stayed on his wheel...then the rest of the group came and we started the pace that I knew would come when you do a charity ride with racers....OMG my lungs and legs were screaming but my pride would not let me quit. Finally we hit another turn in the road and we slowed down for a regrouping. Of course we looked around saw that we lost some....oops so sorry. Then it kicked up again...and OH MAN did it ever. Every long hard effort put in by what ever Shama Monster was on the front put me in the red and I had to REALLY work hard to stay on. We hit our first stop for a reload of food and drink and ran into more FOPs. Its so great to see everyone that I have become so accustomed to ride with and see...that I missed in these past 3 months. Finally in the last 6 miles with more FOPs in the mix Eric threw out a MAJOR attack. I was on the front at the time taking a VERY ill timed pull. When I saw no one really follow I though we would just slowly chase him back down....but that didn't happen. Two went off...then another two...then three. CRAP! I am blown...but I took off anyway thinking (that's what I get for thinking) that I can chase on. I get closer slowly to a well formed group of Chase 1 after the big guy. Laura was on my wheel so I had extra incentive to act tough and make it. You ever get with in 20 feet of the group but just can't close it down and trying not to totally implode only finally slow up and the group still stay the same distance from you meaning that they slowed up just as you did. AAAAHHHHGGGGG!!!!! Oh...but whats this? My free ride (Laura) jumps off my wheel and right up to the group no problem. DOUBLE AAAAHHHHGGGG!!!!!! So now I should just fall back to the main group behinf. But I don't...ether I will pick up who ever gets dropped or some one will catch up to me. After about a mile I look back and see a lone figure. Who is it....whats his name??? Its Lisa (soon to be Yarrow) coming. That is right! A GIRL! Out of a pack of guys! I was so proud of my little triathlete. I waited up and then gave her my wheel and I pulled with all I could to get us back to the school with out being caught by those chasing. We stayed away and came in just after the ones we were chasing. Of course Lisa's first comment being the pure triathlete that she is "WOW its so easy when you can draft....what an amazing difference...I could hold on at 25 26 no problem" Me? i was just happy I made it and on a pretty tough day. Everyone seemed a bit worked so I was very happy with my day.
I think we all ride or race and we all look back on our rides and get down on ourselves for different things on the ride that we didn't like or didn't perform well enough on or what ever it is. We all do it. Well that ride...I was all smiles. I got dropped and chick'd and all that...yet still I was SUPER HAPPY with my ride. I loved and cherished every second of it. What a great day! I love my team and friends and riding. So grateful to be able to do it all again.

Next up...Thanksgiving Day 70 miles. Black Friday Century from Shama Cycles. Saturday is another 60 miles. Lets see if I make it....

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I am riding once again!

Downtown Houston, Veterans Day Parade. I thought it was for me at first! haha
Are these ALL WHITE bibshorts or am I shortless and this is my tan line?

All if you have been following my blog, or on Facebook, or happen to be in my shop in the past 3 months you would have found out that I had a life changing wreck in a race back in August. I fractured my C7 and my life and everything in it came to a screeching halt! I lived...I had some titanium installed in my neck and started my road to recovery. Since my business has grown so rapidly I can't believe it. The interior of the shop looks totally different, I have retail racks and more shelving for more inventory. I added 2 more frame lines to be able to offer 4 of the finest frames made in the world. I added more FOPs and/or team mates on the road and triathlon. I got engaged as well. I know right...she said YES to a guy in a neck brace...sober! haha
Also what has come from this is the start of a foundation to help other cyclist who have been injured while riding or racing who are without insurance. Look for more to come from the C7 Foundation. Overall its been an amazing 3 months...just missing one thing...riding a bike. This past Wednesday I saw Dr. Johnson who looked at my Xray and said that my C7 and C6 were fusing nicely and I am cleared to ride. OH YEAH!!!!! So what did I do? Well that morning in antisipation for this ride I gave myself a good leg shave with a new blade. ahhhhh....
This was I was ready to head to the shop and grab my Praemio and go for a ride! Now I am sure most of you would have been fine with being off the road cause you would have just been on a trainer. But I HATE and I mean HATE the trainer! It was only the week before I got on an eliptical and spin bike just to make sure I did not totally pass out on my first ride back. I pull up to the shop and who is there...Lowda! (Laura Meichan) It was her day off and she came down to ride with me. This was special cause Laura was one of the ones who was there for Joy and myself while I was in the hospital. I put on some lycra for the first time since my race night and got all ready to go. I strapped on my new Bont shoes and clipped into my new Time pedals with a new Lazer helmet on my head replacing the Lazer helmet that cracked in 7 places from the wreck and pushed those first pedal strokes on my Guru. (shameless product advertising) I was home...rolling with the wind blowing across my hairless legs. Laura and I made our way to Memorial Park for a couple loops and we stopped at the accident sight. Reflection you may say? No...I was looking to see if my prescription inserts were still there...they flew out of my glasses and I haven't found them yet. haha! Then Laura and I rolled into downtown via Allen Parkway. I swear there was some wind out there and Laura was letting me half wheel her the whole way in to help build my ego...she is so sweet. Even though I was getting blasted she was on her easy ride per her coach. We got into down town and saw my friend Mike Junco the bike cop and Mike Adrion. All enjoyin the day. I forgot how great it was to ride and see friends you know on the way. LOVE IT! We head back to the shop and I swear we had head wind the whole way back. ARG!!!! The next morning I wake up at 6am to meet Trent for a typical route though he made me ride the full 1.5hrs in the small chain ring...of course we did a seated sprint at one point...he won. ARG!!!! haha Still it was fun to be able to ride with the guy who got me into road racing in the first place for my second ride. Not bad...I wasn't really tired or anything so lets see how Saturday goes. Oh man...Saturday. I am not gonna lie, I was worried. 3 hours was the plan and with a group of friends/racers. I knew the pace would not be high and we are into off season base miles anyway but still I was worried. Would I last? Would get those pains you get as a new cyclist? Would I handle riding in a pack again or would I freak out with post wreck flashbacks??? Overall...I did great! I was surprised. I rode in the pack fine, drafted fine, cadence good, accelerations good. On the way back I started gaining some confidence and took a pull on a faster return pace due to time limits on the other three I was riding with. BIG MISTAKE! You know how you first start riding and you get in with a group and you are feeling good and you think you can go faster and that you are better than them and that you are single handedly going to show this peleton what pain really is? Oh yeah...I did that. I did that to a fast age group triathlete and two road being a Cat 3. So while Pete Neubig (long time friend and new Shama Cycles team member) was on the front pulling very well I moved up along side him, blew him a kiss and started my pull with the pace being a notch higher. We roll up on a light at the base of an overpass and I am winded and happy for the break the red light provides. I turn around and ask Pete how badass I am with requesting the speed of my amazing pull. 24mph he world crumbles as I was sure I was feeling the pain of 29mph. What is that you ask? No bike computer? No power meter? No...not on this bike and not right now. I don't need to know how bad I suck or awesome I am not. I just need to ride and get my feel back and build up my base again. So the light turns green and we take off....up that steep mountainish overpass and I am quickly dropped...the price is being paid for my earlier misjudged effort. By the time they slowed down and I caught up I quickly let Pete know I will be more than happy to draft the rest of the ride and appreciate his superior form and free ride he is providing. Oh man...I made the biggest rookie move there is and I of all people should know better. Just shows...I lost some form and some sense. At the end of the day I was with great guys and had a great ride and while I might give my self grief and say I am fatter and slower...I am actually very happy with my lack of form for fear it couldv'e been worse. I wasn't sore and I wasn't tired. I did take Sunday off...still I feel great.
I am pumped, I am motivated and I am BACK!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ironstar Half Ironman 2009

Ironstar 2009 037
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My first Half Ironman was this race the first year they had it. I will save you all from the pictures of myself at that race...for I did it on a road bike converted to a "tri bike" myself and I fitted myself on it. OMG I laugh at myself for that now...but I think we have all been there....and maybe some of us still are. So this race has a special place in my heart and I love that its still going. This year finally they were back at the newly remodeled Lago Vista Resort. Where all Transitions, start and finish occurred. GREAT for spectating. I hope the new venue will help this race continue to grow as it has one of the prettiest bike legs around.
Taking advantage of my last weekend of not being able to ride I got up early on a Sunday morning trying to figure out why I told anyone I would be there taking pictures of them at the race that morning. It always sounds better a week earlier...but at 6am when its not your ride or takes alot to get there. But once there...its a blast! I drove the course yelling VENGA to all my FOPs out there and if I saw some one struggling I would shout words of encouragement to them as well.
It was fun watching the race...seeing the stories unfold and such.
The FOPs (Friends of Philip) represented well with AG placings and top bike splits as always. But the most fun I think for all was being able to finally pack in their season on a high note.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

La Guru Grande Vitesse

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Stephanie is one of my girls who race for me and this year was her first year to race. She did great and is very strong...even though she was on a bike that drove me nuts to try to fit her on and was heavier than some mountain bikes. She really just has a great time riding and loves to go as hard as possible and really challenge herself. Not to mention giving her husband a run for his money when they ride as well. See Stephanie is french and grew up riding in the Alps and loving the tough stuff. Yes...her child hard had to be awful. haha
This past September she finally came to me to say she wanted to get a new bike I could barely control myself. So how does one go about parting out a custom frame for road racing with out going crazy? Well the Geneo frame is very stiff in the bb and offers great acceleration while the seat stays still offer a great deal of comfort...not to mention its one of the nicest fully custom carbon frames you can buy. The paint is a Pearl White with Platinum. In the sun light this frame looks amazing! We chose FSA bars and stem in white for fit and looks...can't go wrong with white powder coat parts on a frame like this. We also used a white headset and spacers. Her Zipp wheels are a couple years old with the old stickers...I couldn't have that so we updated the wheels with new stickers that look MUCH better than the old. We chose Sram Force front and rear D and shifters. Sram Red cranks for the 167.5 length and Enduro Zero ceramic pulley wheels and bb. Zero Gravity GSL brakes stop this rig on a dime. New Ultimate carbon post is super light holding a Selle SMP Forma saddle. This is the first one out as I took this saddle from Interbike. Nokons of course were used for the cables and I even got in some silver Lizard Skin bartape that is not for sale since they thought the color wouldn't sell...I bought the last they had.
I really can't wait to hear about Stephanie's first ride and how great it is! Stay tuned...

Interbike finds on a Guru Crono

Cinco 010
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So here we are a month out of Interbike and already I have some new bits on a build. While having the new custom Zero Gravity GSL brakes and Rotor 3D cranks on this bike is quite impressive and fast...getting the frame in was anything but. Sure it was within the typical time line of a Guru, John wanted it for Try Andy's Tri and was tired of being uncomfortable on his Felt...of course the bike did not make it in in time. The following week the frame came in on Thursday and did the pre fit on Friday and had it built and ready to go no Saturday so he could race it on a last minute race sign up at Firethorne Tri on Sunday. So does this once again become a story about how with the first ride on a bike being race day gives the athlete a PR like my athletes have done before...that would be a big fat NOPE! See John was late picking up the bike on Saturday due to his daughter being sick...he got the bike....we did a proper fitting and he was off. He did not make it to the race Sunday morning since he choose to stay home with his sick little girl. While I was bummed not to see this bad a$$ rig race morning...I know we will see more of this little jewel next season collecting hardware.

Guru Crono, Platinum/black

First Pics 017
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So this bike was one of my built at the shop earlier this year. Brett was always a contender but since getting this steed he has been KILLING the races he enters. No only is his bike splits faster but as consistent with all my custom tri bikes, his run off the bike is also faster. He is a great athlete and person even off the bike. Its great when I get to be involved in the racing exploits of such great people. Though the same week his bike came in last did Rich's and these two guys have been dishing out blows to each other at races this season that has left all the other Master's seekers settling for 2nd or 3rd in the AG. Great fun to watch. Both bikes by the way look totally different but essentially have the same components with very little differences. So really with both racing custom bikes...its all about who has been putting in the work....cause with the way these bikes are built...riding one really takes away all your excuses...

KH Ventus

KH Ventus
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Kristine came to me with a passion for riding on a old road bike that was way too big for her. She wanted to get into triathlons and time trials and needed a proper bike to get her there. She came to me recommended by a friend who has one of my Gurus already. Though this was all so new to her and her budget was not quite ready for a Guru, she quickly found a way to make it work. After waiting patiently for it to come in, it came in in time for Du The Bear...where she went down on that rainy course. After a proper break in she then redeemed herself at Try Andy's Tri with 2nd in her AG and the fastest bike split in her AG and 4th fastest female bikesplit overall. What is it and what makes her so fast so quick??? Its an aluminum frame, 650 wheels that are regular spoked wheels...but it is custom and fits her like a glove. She is comfortable...and fast! Guru Ventus with a carbon fork and seatpost. Velocity Helios wheelset. Sram Rival components. Profile aerobars. Nothing crazy fast...just fit well. Oh yeah...its beautiful too! Just like a bike should be....I mean after all. Its all about the race pics right???

Firethorne Triathlon

Cinco 051
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So this was formerly known as Cinco Ranch Tri and has moved a little further west and seems to be later in the year. What a great venue though and nice area for a tri. Though I have to say with the mess traffic was getting in and out of the neighborhood and for what the racers had to negotiate on the bike with the cars, I am sure they will clear this up for next year. I got there after the race started since it took me 30 minutes to defeat my pillow in its battle for my head. I did get there for the best part...the bike. There was some great talent out there and I was as proud as always to see my FOPs have great races.

Kathleen W 5th in AG
Diann H Masters/AG winner with fastest female time & 4th overall!
Dana B was 14th in her AG but since her refitting posted a PR here.
Jacqueline F 1st in AG
Wilmer G 1st in AG 5th overall
Jon E 3rd in AG
Greg C AG/Masters winner 6th overall.
Michael S 6th in AG
Scott P 4th in AG
Jeff G 6th in AG
Euan M was the cyclist for the mixed relay team that was the fastest team of the day!

A note of correction...Trent Stephens was posted as winning overall...while Trent is one of my fastest guys and races as a PRO for Shama Cycles, he was not the overall winner. Along with several other early racers he was lead off course and by the time the correction was realized he was out of the race. He rolled in only behind the first bike to finish and turned in his chip..opting for an easy day while nursing a sketchy ankle for Ironman Florida. Some how he was still at the race recorded as winning though he DNFd.
I had coffee with him this week and we talked about this and him getting this corrected in the results. Guys like Trent only have their word and when he wins a race he does not need anyone to question his race ethics. Thanks Trent for being true to the sport and keeping it honorable. You make us look good even when you don't win...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Kona Concluded

What a tale of real life racing. Andrew Strong pushes it all year long. Making the most of each workout in order to balance training, recovery, work and most of all family. So of course his family was in Kona with him and he was able to make it a bit of a vaca post Ironman Kona by staying in Hawaii for some family time. He killed Canada (where he got 3rd in his AG earning his Kona slot) with a sub 10 and had goals to shoot for a 9:40 at Kona. Tuned up and ready to go leading up to it, less than 24hours to GO TIME, I get a phone call from Andrew at the expo buying me a jersey for the shop and I hear the scratch in his voice. NOT GOOD! Of course we talked about how he is not feeling that great and is worried about starting in the morning with not feeling 100%. So what was the call??? In true Shama Cycles fashion he started the swim, made it through in a decent time for him but was behind last years time. Then I followed the bike and realized he was not having his best day. was painful to watch online and I know Andrew was pushing through even harder. Of course with dragging the family to Kona and the long training weekends and sacrifice he had no other option than to finish. That same drive and toughness that gave him a PR earlier this year carried him to the finish line to have his wife and two kids greet him...finishing the race and beginning his vacation and off season. Was his 10:40 what he wanted? No...but then again we all have those races...well not all of us can do a 10:40 on our best day but you get what I am saying. That is part of what makes those great days so great...knowing that you avoided a bad day. Next season...will only be better.
Thank you Andrew for your support and race ethic. You inspire us all.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Try Andy's Tri

Try Andy's Tri
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Try Andy's Tri was my very first triathlon ever. I remember all the mistakes I made and how slow I was. But I always loved this race and its a high light in the Houston area racing calendar. Same course for years and people love it! This year the C-different team was there and Shama Cycle's very own Brett Cole teamed up to compete with a C-Different athlete for the race. Unfortunately they had two flats during the bike and had to walk it in...but then finished with a solid run. Great job Brett! I got there after the swim started to watch the bikes pour out of T1. I was amazed to see how many two piece swim suits on girls and topless guys I saw...while I was in a long sleeve base layer under my Shama Tech T. It was in the 50s and I saw some bare chested guys come back red! It had to be cold! Finishes of note...
Shawn Smith's first triathlon in over a year after an injury and is on a new Guru Magis. He won Master's Male! Congrats!
Diann H, is back in form on her road bike with some mods we made for triathlon. Even though she won Master's Female, she wants to be faster and a Guru is in her future now.
Kristine Harper got 2nd in her AG and had the fastest bike split in her AG in her first tri on her Guru Ventus.
Melanie Sun won her AG and bike split in her AG on her Guru Magis.
Carlye Graydon got 3rd in her AG after making some mods and refitting her road bike the previous week....her 4th tri...only getting faster!
Cory Gholson got 2nd in his AG with fastest bike split in his AG on
his Guru Crono
Greg Witherow was back after an injury for running, 3rd on the bike in his AG and just had a nice jog in....
Walt Yarrow won his AG on his Guru Merus.
Greg Colvin got 5th in his AG with the fastest bike split in his AG on his refitted and upgraded tri bike.
Sussan Wallace got 5th in her AG but still had the fastest bike split in it with her refitted and upgraded tri bike.
Anne Ekern won her AG...glad to have her back racing in Houston again.
Nigel Willerton got 3rd in his AG with the fastest bike split of the AG....just wait till his Guru Crono is built and he REALLY gets fast!
Jacqueline won her AG with the fastest bike split in it on her Guru Crono!
Congrats to ALL the FOPs out there that put in the training and hard work for the above results.
There is a trend here. The fastest bikes are ones that fit...not the ones with the latest marketing buzz words. Don't get hung up on indoor testing numbers...follow real world real people results!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Du The Bear

DuTheBear2009 036
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What a day! Du the Bear is now a mainstay in the Houston area and its growing. Close to 500 racers signed up. Heading over there I couldn't believe I am heading out there and its raining and for the first time since last winter its too cold for shorts.I am not race so WHY ON EARTH am I doing this???? Oh yeah, I want to support my clients/athletes/friends...CRAP! With a wheel magnet and water bottle in tow Joy, my ever enduring fiance' dropped me off at the race start to get some last minute fixes to two racers. Mission accomplished I see the men go off and then just as the women are about to go it starts to rain. The crowd of families and friends began to run for cover leaving the racers out alone. As everyone comes back in from the run and out of T1 the Bike Out turns to mud and I begin to shudder as I see all the bikes I built get ready to get so trashed! Since my wreck I have pretty much been dying to get into every race I can...except for today. I was SO glad not to be racing...the weather was awful. Of course everyone made the best of it and got on with racing. There seemed to be a bit of communication with traffic control as cars were let onto the bike course and I heard later that one officer at one intersection was stopping the racers to let traffic by. I couldn't believe it. Again though...sometimes that's just racing. Everyone seemed to come back in fine, off the bike. I know one road gave alot of athletes flats and even caused a wreck...namely Kristine Harper who was racing her Guru Ventus for the first time. She was pretty banged up but her bike seemed to only suffer some ripped bartape and a scratched pedal. From there it just seemed to be a part muddy and part wet pavement run for all. Overall a great race and well run as always. We had to wait for the awards for what seemed like forever. Mostly just because it was cold and rainy and no one was really that prepared for it. The awards came and I just couldn't be prouder. Shama Cycles athletes took home the Overall Female win with Melanie, Masters Male and Female wins with Brett and Laura. Shawn and Jacqueline both won their AGs as well as Walt placing in his. I can't believe how well they all did and am so proud of them all and their hard work.
Next year...I will be back and ready to race! I can't wait!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Press for Shama Cycles at LA Tri.

Shama Cycles athlete Richard Cairns on his way to 2nd in his AG at the LA Tri this past weekend.
Best part is that even Competitor/Inside Triathlon thought he and his Guru Crono were good enough to post on the website pics.
Congrats Rich on a strong day!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ironman Hawaii here we come!

Andrew out on one of his many long training rides
the simple machine...titanium...though he will be using HED Jet 6 wheels come race day
I think the pinnacle of any triathlete is to be able to race in Kona....the Super Bowl of Ironman. Better yet is to be able to qualify. Andrew Strong did just that on his Guru Merus by coming in 3rd in his Age Group at Ironman Canada with a 9:55!!! In preparation for Kona I spent some time with him to help make sure he is as ready as he can be. I am not scared to bend the rules, go against convention, make waves, set my own trends. Today was no exception, today we Retul fitted Andrew Strong for his Lazer Tardiz helmet in conjunction with wind tunnel testing. Yes...Shama Cycles has our wind tunnel. Ok, not like at Texas A&M but I have a fan and a smoke machine...what ever its the same thing! With the careful supervision of our local Pro/Coach Trent Stephens (Trent held the smoke machine in front of the carefully placed fan) it was determined that Andrew was actually more aero having the helmet on backwards....which means that Lazer designed it wrong. Don't worry, my daughter is writing them a letter with hand drawn graphs proving our theory. We did test the Giro Advantage 2 helmet, but because I don't sell Giro it was determined after extensive testing that it was in no way aero dynamic at all. There is a video and pictures of our testing procedure but of course that is top secret and just can't be shared...unless you spend $10,000 on a new Guru from me. Just saying...
Finally you will notice in the pic the Shama Cycles Wind Vest over his Ironman Canada finishers tshirt. We choose that tshirt for two reasons. One we are hoping that by wearing an official Ironman tshirt that the officials won't penalize him for drafting on the bike. Reason number two is cotton can retain more water than a tech tee, we are hoping that the cotton tshirt will make for a good base layer to hold in the sweat to help cool him down and the wind vest will protect him from the vicious cross winds on the bike course. Wind vests protect us from the wind right??? Personally I think these changes will be the secret to his sub 9 hour Ironman. I mean we already made him faster with his Guru Merus over his old Cervelo P3C. Why not keep going with what sounds crazy and make him even faster!

Next Saturday on the 1oth follow him on his quest to his best Ironman yet. I pray he has his best day. Good luck and God's speed Andrew!

My old Geneo has found a new home

WG Crono
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So upon opening Shama Cycles I had Guru build me the ultimate Geneo. Custom for me for road racing and climbing (I am NOT a climber) in those races. Not only was it a custom in the geometry it was custom in the carbon lay up for BB stiffness and power transfer with out a real weight penalty. I had it built up with a mix of Rotor, Sram Red, Edge and TRP parts. It weighed 14lbs on race day. carbon tubulars help alot! I had my best road racing season on this frame.
But alas I can't keep these frames forever...guys who are 5'7 to 5'9" are in luck when I move off of one frame and onto another. Wilmer is one such guy. A friend of mine who I ride with often on the weekends needed a new road bike. By needed I mean he was on a Giant road bike that was 7 years old with the original saddle. It was nearly painful just to watch him ride...haha. So now...after 7 years he is on a new rig...FINALLY! The funny thing Geneo part 2...I think it looks better now than when I had it. Seriously...this build is WAY TOO CLEAN! With the HED Bastogne looks perfect!!!
The best part is...after 5 months of hard riding and racing the Geneo frame polished up better than Wilmer a new bike...that will last him another 7 years.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Guru Crono, Johnny Cash Style

Coy Connelly 005
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By far the most popular custom tri bike is the Guru Crono. I get to do these frames in all kinds of I am doing one in plain black with white letters. While it might sound plain to some...there is still a certain look to it that still most bikes just don't have. We did what was smart and light here. Not to mention the HED Jet 6 FR wheelset.
Syntace CX base bar, Vision carbon aero bars, KCNC stem, KCNC brakes, Nokon cables, Sram Force front and rear D, shifters, carbon brake levers. Selle SMP saddle. A serious machine for a guy who LOVES to ride and race at his best...not to mention look good for the pics! haha!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sometimes the color surprises me

TRP 029
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With all the paint options Guru has and the paint box I have at the shop to help decide some times you just don't know how its going to look when it comes in. This frame showed up and I ripped it out of the bike and was amazed. What brilliance and color. The pictures do not do it justice. From here we built it up with a basic build and HED wheels. The important thing to Mike was that he got the custom frame and as we upgrade this frame with high end components we get to kick these parts down to his old road bike which is 8speed. Yes...8 speed. But that can come later. For now...we are super happy with the set up and he can't wait to kill it at the next race. More importantly finally have his father's respect at a race....since his dad has had a Guru titanium tri bike for 4 years now. HAHAHA

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Rule Breaking Magis!

Steve Quick was at the shop for a fitting on his TT bike and helped to unload her bike. I think most women would enjoy his help with their frame...haha

KW Magis
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So here is one that I am super proud of. Kathleen is a triathlete who I have known for a couple years and as long as I have known her she has worn pink and tried to "pink out" her QR which unfortunately (not for me though) did not fit her at all. I think she first thought custom was out of her range but after looking at it all we figured out a way to make it in showing her how she can live off of no food or gas for a month. haha No seriously.
So we picked out the frame, a Guru Magis which is a carbon frame that can work with the paint color she wants...PINK! But not ALL pink. We had to throw in some white to go with it. We choose the ultra reliable Ultegra SL components and went all out on the aero set up. Also of course we did out little ceramic bits with some little pink tricks.
The best part of this story is we broke the BIGGEST RULE in triathlon racing. NEVER EVER EVER NEVER EVER NEVER NEVER EVER EVER race something new on race day...let alone a whole new bike! I LOVE IT! I have done it before and will do it again. Custom works and when its right its right. Kathleen's frame came in from Guru at 1:45 pm on in the Thursday before Redman Half Ironman on Saturday. My friend and team mate Steve Quick pulls it out of the box and of course we start in on it right away. Just after 2pm Jon and Kathleen show up wondering if she will race on the Magis or on her old 2 gear working QR. By 5pm this was built and by 6pm she was fitted and loaded up in the car and off to OK for Redman. I triple checked every bolt on that thing as I knew the risk involved here but I have done it before and it has worked every time and with the condition of her old bike we did not have much choice. So Friday's ride report was pretty good, nice ride and nothing hurt or alerted anything. All systems go for Saturday. Saturday came and from another friend there I was getting info that they might cancel or start late due to weather and flooding. The race went on with a mandatory bike dismount in the flooded areas. WOW! Later that day while I was working in the shop with some friends I get this text message saying that the bike was awesome and that she had a 21 minute PR. OH YEAH!!!! TAKE THAT NAY SAYERS! Now, lets just be real here, her bike split was slower than before, the Cyclo Cross style tri did not make for fast splits but her run was very fast. Which if you have ever read this blog or followed my tri bike fitting philosophy you would know that while I know you will be faster on the bike...I look for faster run splits on race day before I say I have "delivered" to my clients what they came to me for. She was excited and loved it and also happy to be able to shift all her gears. haha
Look for her to get used to the new position and dialed in and start to realize her full potential. She trains hard and puts in the work...she may have bought some speed but she earns her AG placings!
Rock On Kathleen!

2005 Sworks Tarmac....Shama Style

JC Sworks
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I met Juan Carlos at the first bike shop I worked at. He came in wanting the best and being the Specialized fan that I was at the time I sold him this Sworks Tarmac. It had full DuraAce and I spent about 10 minutes fitting it to him on a trainer.
WOW! I have learned so much since then and have even kept in touch with Juan Carlos. Unfortunately for him I opened Shama Cycles directly across from his work. I can look at my front door and see his building. He thought it was great at first but is now cursing me for being so close. HAHA! I stripped this frame down to nothing and compounded and polished the frame to restore its brilliance. Then the build, new headset, ceramic bottom bracket from Rotor the SABB, Rotor Agilis cranks, QRings. Sram Red shifters, front D, rear D. Tiso ceramic pulley wheels. TRP 960SL brakes. Nokon cables. Thompson seatpost. Deda Zero 100 handlebars and stem. Lizard Skinz bar tape. New Ultimate carbon cages and KCNC skewers.
Over all we dropped this frame down 3lbs and after the Retul fitting he is finally riding with power and comfort and loving the bike.
The next upgrade. Wheels...and then a custom Guru frame.

Independat Fabrication Crown Jewel...PIMPED

First Pics 011
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So I got this frame in and immediately got excited. It was a plain old Shimano DuraAce set up with some pretty plain parts. It was 4 years old and had not been loved on. I stripped the frame down to nothing and serviced the headset and began picking out what to do. With in a week I had a Tiso bolt kit in blue shipped in from Italy and some matching Deda parts which also happen to be made in Italy. How ever the Nokon cables are German. One thing that took some time to decide on was the crank, finally I settled on function over pure aesthetics. A titanium spindle, ceramic bearings in the bottom bracket, and a 110bcd with a Rotor Qring 53/39 chain ring set. This way if we like we can go compact later with out having to change the cranks. Needless to say this frame polished up like new and with the build and new fitting this bike rides better than ever and looks better than ever.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Video from the show

Interbike 2009 Part 2

One of the Tibco bikes, ready for Look cleat fitting.

Di2 TT shifting. This is freaking awesome!
Time had a nice bike to show...

The Guru Photon! This bike gained a ton of press!!!
12lbs, BB30

Some of the Rotor booth. Zipp QRings. LOVE IT!

One of the rolling displays.

These are cranks they put on my NO they would not let me take them with me...its cool though...they were too long for me anyway.

EE Cycles cranks, super light and still stiff...

Thor pointing at my while I look at my bike...

Got Dave Scott to sign it as well.

RockRacing's rigs. Funny I didn't see a Rock bike in the crit but I did see a Rock racer

3D crank with Quarq and Rotor Rings.
Light, stiff, fast, next crankset

The Luna Chicks were paraded around by the podium boys...
Things were pretty expensive in this little snack for two.
$15 for this...who can gamble after wasting money like this.
It was good though...