Saturday, October 31, 2009

Guru Crono, Platinum/black

First Pics 017
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So this bike was one of my built at the shop earlier this year. Brett was always a contender but since getting this steed he has been KILLING the races he enters. No only is his bike splits faster but as consistent with all my custom tri bikes, his run off the bike is also faster. He is a great athlete and person even off the bike. Its great when I get to be involved in the racing exploits of such great people. Though the same week his bike came in last did Rich's and these two guys have been dishing out blows to each other at races this season that has left all the other Master's seekers settling for 2nd or 3rd in the AG. Great fun to watch. Both bikes by the way look totally different but essentially have the same components with very little differences. So really with both racing custom bikes...its all about who has been putting in the work....cause with the way these bikes are built...riding one really takes away all your excuses...

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