Saturday, October 31, 2009

KH Ventus

KH Ventus
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Kristine came to me with a passion for riding on a old road bike that was way too big for her. She wanted to get into triathlons and time trials and needed a proper bike to get her there. She came to me recommended by a friend who has one of my Gurus already. Though this was all so new to her and her budget was not quite ready for a Guru, she quickly found a way to make it work. After waiting patiently for it to come in, it came in in time for Du The Bear...where she went down on that rainy course. After a proper break in she then redeemed herself at Try Andy's Tri with 2nd in her AG and the fastest bike split in her AG and 4th fastest female bikesplit overall. What is it and what makes her so fast so quick??? Its an aluminum frame, 650 wheels that are regular spoked wheels...but it is custom and fits her like a glove. She is comfortable...and fast! Guru Ventus with a carbon fork and seatpost. Velocity Helios wheelset. Sram Rival components. Profile aerobars. Nothing crazy fast...just fit well. Oh yeah...its beautiful too! Just like a bike should be....I mean after all. Its all about the race pics right???

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