Saturday, September 26, 2009

Interbike 2009 Part 2

One of the Tibco bikes, ready for Look cleat fitting.

Di2 TT shifting. This is freaking awesome!
Time had a nice bike to show...

The Guru Photon! This bike gained a ton of press!!!
12lbs, BB30

Some of the Rotor booth. Zipp QRings. LOVE IT!

One of the rolling displays.

These are cranks they put on my NO they would not let me take them with me...its cool though...they were too long for me anyway.

EE Cycles cranks, super light and still stiff...

Thor pointing at my while I look at my bike...

Got Dave Scott to sign it as well.

RockRacing's rigs. Funny I didn't see a Rock bike in the crit but I did see a Rock racer

3D crank with Quarq and Rotor Rings.
Light, stiff, fast, next crankset

The Luna Chicks were paraded around by the podium boys...
Things were pretty expensive in this little snack for two.
$15 for this...who can gamble after wasting money like this.
It was good though...