Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Steel road training for a triathlete

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I sold Rich a Guru Crono at the end of 2008...by the time it came in he ordered a Quarq power meter for it as well. This put his bike at something way more than he ever thought he would own...which I think his wife felt the same way. haha Same time in 2009 after moving out of Houston, Rich made a day trip down to me and we talked about getting a road bike that he can train, do group rides and climb and descend a little better than what the TT bike offers. Oh yeah...and with out upsetting the wife this time.
We picked the Guru Sidero, a fully custom steel frame which rides very well and is pretty cost effective. We built it up with Sram Rival using compact Rotor Agilis cranks, FSA bars, stem, and seatpost and the similar Adamo saddle that's on his Crono. Wheels....well again by the time it came in and he made it back down to pick up this gorgeous rig he ordered some HED Jet 6FR wheels that will be his race wheels on the Crono and use his Fulcrum training wheels on this rig.
Needless to say, after heading back home and getting out on some rides and climbs he is in love with his steel frame and the ride it gives. Who knows....maybe I will be able to convince him to show up to a road race or two. Otherwise I will see him at the Galveston 70.3 coming up...but on his good ol Crono...where I will try to plant into him ideas for bike #3. Just kidding....not really....hahaha

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Guru Evolo road bike for a triathlete

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Sometimes the most random things happen...like walking into a bike shop for water bottles and walking out with a new helmet. Sounds possible right? What about walking into the shop for some tubes and walking out with a new custom bike on order? NO? Well it happened to this guy here Cory. I sold him his first Guru Crono in a previous life several years ago. He came into the shop not too long ago for some tubes and was asking about some other things and saw some bikes built and then he asked "thee question". How much for that one? Insert evil laugh here. haha He walked out almost upset and in disbelief at what he had just done. The next day...he even called laughing if that actually just happened. Over the next several weeks we picked the parts which went from using the old parts of off his old road bike to ALL new parts. First, the paint, we picked the Candy Red with Orion accents to match his Crono tri bike. Of course your bikes have to match right? We chose the new Rotor 3D cranks since he loves his Agilis cranks on his Crono. We did Sram Force front D, rear D, shifters and used a Rotor SABB ceramic and Enduro Ceramic pulley wheels. The Selle SMP Saddle is held up with a scandium seat post and the front end is handled by FSA for the bars and stem. This is one gorgeous bike and now Cory can train more and ride better in road groups at higher speeds to hopefully increase his bike splits in the triathlons. If nothing else...he is going to have one of the prettiest bikes on the training rides. haha He is a great friend and is going to have a great season!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cali custom Steel

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In the custom world there are tons of guys out there. Some get it and some don't. I work hard to make sure that my clients deal only with the ones that do get it. When my long time friend and team mate came to me with this frame from California custom house Ahrens I was pleased with the work and geometry and could not wait to get this thing in and get him on it. See Nigel has some major back issues and has very long legs and a short torso which is only shortened more by his back issues. Nigel like most of us cyclist who care about our sport likes to look good and ride a bike he is confident in and while Nigel has always ridden top bikes, he has always had to ride very short stems with a huge stack and big rise on the stem. Whats wrong with that other than it doesn't look "pro"??? That kind of set up just doesn't handle right, sure if that is all you know but once you know how a bike is supposed to handle or can handle and the added confidence that comes with being balanced on the bike properly its a whole new world. So yes....custom is needed for more than they know. Whats so custom about this bike that looks fairly simple? Well the headtube and seat tube are pretty tall, that of almost a 58cm bike...yet the top tube and wheelbase is closer to what you would find on a 54cm bike.
What did we build? Campy Record shifters, front and rear derailleurs. Zero Gravity GSL brakes, Reynolds wheels, Edge Seatpost to match the Edge front fork. New Ultimate stem with an FSA Compact Pro Wing bar and Fizik saddle.
How does this rolling work of art ride? His first pedal strokes behind the shop were those of awe. He could not believe what he felt and how well the bike finally felt underneath him. I love my job!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


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In the world of custom you get some people who love the fine tweaks and then you have some that need it for comfort period. Jason is one of the latter. He is not freakishly tall...but he does have a LONG torso and reach. Also...he has toxic sweat. Yes...he is the guy that during the hot Houston summer he can destroy a headset bearing and rust most cables. In selecting the perfect bike for him we first decided to go with titanium for the frame material...yes it offers a stellar and refined ride with great performance...but most importantly for Jason was that it won't ever rust out as he lays across his 62cm top tube. It was so funny to see this bike and just how off it really looks...to see him on it is amazing cause for once he looks relaxed. So far after two races and lots of rides he is loving life on the bike and that is what it is all about.