Monday, October 12, 2009

Du The Bear

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What a day! Du the Bear is now a mainstay in the Houston area and its growing. Close to 500 racers signed up. Heading over there I couldn't believe I am heading out there and its raining and for the first time since last winter its too cold for shorts.I am not race so WHY ON EARTH am I doing this???? Oh yeah, I want to support my clients/athletes/friends...CRAP! With a wheel magnet and water bottle in tow Joy, my ever enduring fiance' dropped me off at the race start to get some last minute fixes to two racers. Mission accomplished I see the men go off and then just as the women are about to go it starts to rain. The crowd of families and friends began to run for cover leaving the racers out alone. As everyone comes back in from the run and out of T1 the Bike Out turns to mud and I begin to shudder as I see all the bikes I built get ready to get so trashed! Since my wreck I have pretty much been dying to get into every race I can...except for today. I was SO glad not to be racing...the weather was awful. Of course everyone made the best of it and got on with racing. There seemed to be a bit of communication with traffic control as cars were let onto the bike course and I heard later that one officer at one intersection was stopping the racers to let traffic by. I couldn't believe it. Again though...sometimes that's just racing. Everyone seemed to come back in fine, off the bike. I know one road gave alot of athletes flats and even caused a wreck...namely Kristine Harper who was racing her Guru Ventus for the first time. She was pretty banged up but her bike seemed to only suffer some ripped bartape and a scratched pedal. From there it just seemed to be a part muddy and part wet pavement run for all. Overall a great race and well run as always. We had to wait for the awards for what seemed like forever. Mostly just because it was cold and rainy and no one was really that prepared for it. The awards came and I just couldn't be prouder. Shama Cycles athletes took home the Overall Female win with Melanie, Masters Male and Female wins with Brett and Laura. Shawn and Jacqueline both won their AGs as well as Walt placing in his. I can't believe how well they all did and am so proud of them all and their hard work.
Next year...I will be back and ready to race! I can't wait!

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