Saturday, October 31, 2009

Firethorne Triathlon

Cinco 051
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So this was formerly known as Cinco Ranch Tri and has moved a little further west and seems to be later in the year. What a great venue though and nice area for a tri. Though I have to say with the mess traffic was getting in and out of the neighborhood and for what the racers had to negotiate on the bike with the cars, I am sure they will clear this up for next year. I got there after the race started since it took me 30 minutes to defeat my pillow in its battle for my head. I did get there for the best part...the bike. There was some great talent out there and I was as proud as always to see my FOPs have great races.

Kathleen W 5th in AG
Diann H Masters/AG winner with fastest female time & 4th overall!
Dana B was 14th in her AG but since her refitting posted a PR here.
Jacqueline F 1st in AG
Wilmer G 1st in AG 5th overall
Jon E 3rd in AG
Greg C AG/Masters winner 6th overall.
Michael S 6th in AG
Scott P 4th in AG
Jeff G 6th in AG
Euan M was the cyclist for the mixed relay team that was the fastest team of the day!

A note of correction...Trent Stephens was posted as winning overall...while Trent is one of my fastest guys and races as a PRO for Shama Cycles, he was not the overall winner. Along with several other early racers he was lead off course and by the time the correction was realized he was out of the race. He rolled in only behind the first bike to finish and turned in his chip..opting for an easy day while nursing a sketchy ankle for Ironman Florida. Some how he was still at the race recorded as winning though he DNFd.
I had coffee with him this week and we talked about this and him getting this corrected in the results. Guys like Trent only have their word and when he wins a race he does not need anyone to question his race ethics. Thanks Trent for being true to the sport and keeping it honorable. You make us look good even when you don't win...

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