Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ironman Hawaii here we come!

Andrew out on one of his many long training rides
the simple machine...titanium...though he will be using HED Jet 6 wheels come race day
I think the pinnacle of any triathlete is to be able to race in Kona....the Super Bowl of Ironman. Better yet is to be able to qualify. Andrew Strong did just that on his Guru Merus by coming in 3rd in his Age Group at Ironman Canada with a 9:55!!! In preparation for Kona I spent some time with him to help make sure he is as ready as he can be. I am not scared to bend the rules, go against convention, make waves, set my own trends. Today was no exception, today we Retul fitted Andrew Strong for his Lazer Tardiz helmet in conjunction with wind tunnel testing. Yes...Shama Cycles has our wind tunnel. Ok, not like at Texas A&M but I have a fan and a smoke machine...what ever its the same thing! With the careful supervision of our local Pro/Coach Trent Stephens (Trent held the smoke machine in front of the carefully placed fan) it was determined that Andrew was actually more aero having the helmet on backwards....which means that Lazer designed it wrong. Don't worry, my daughter is writing them a letter with hand drawn graphs proving our theory. We did test the Giro Advantage 2 helmet, but because I don't sell Giro it was determined after extensive testing that it was in no way aero dynamic at all. There is a video and pictures of our testing procedure but of course that is top secret and just can't be shared...unless you spend $10,000 on a new Guru from me. Just saying...
Finally you will notice in the pic the Shama Cycles Wind Vest over his Ironman Canada finishers tshirt. We choose that tshirt for two reasons. One we are hoping that by wearing an official Ironman tshirt that the officials won't penalize him for drafting on the bike. Reason number two is cotton can retain more water than a tech tee, we are hoping that the cotton tshirt will make for a good base layer to hold in the sweat to help cool him down and the wind vest will protect him from the vicious cross winds on the bike course. Wind vests protect us from the wind right??? Personally I think these changes will be the secret to his sub 9 hour Ironman. I mean we already made him faster with his Guru Merus over his old Cervelo P3C. Why not keep going with what sounds crazy and make him even faster!

Next Saturday on the 1oth follow him on his quest to his best Ironman yet. I pray he has his best day. Good luck and God's speed Andrew!

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