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DocRose's ride...something like eye candy...

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I work hard to make every bike I build just a little different. Sure...each bike is custom and as far as geometry goes...each one is absolutely different and that alone is what makes them more comfortable and faster for the owner than anything else. Lets be honest...that is not what gets attention while riding with friends...the looks of the bike is what matters. I clients spend about 90% of the decision making process on a custom frame on picking the color of it. NOT the geometry. Often I design the frame in a day or so and yet it could take a week to nail down the color. HAHAHA After all...its how we tell our bike apart from others. This bike for Carlye was no different. For some reason most of the bikes I build are painted in ways that Guru doesn't really offer as a typical menu option. But that is what its all about...making the bike "look" as unique as the geometry itself. Have I mentioned I love my job???

Carlye's Guru Magis was a build we took a gamble on. The color is bold and I had to figure a way to set it off even more. I turned to Velocity and ordered a custom set of wheels from them since she is going to keep these a while as training and race wheels. Ordering the Frost Blue rims was a bit of a risk as just the wrong shade could through it off bad. We got lucky and the blue rim was nearly an identical match and set this little build off! We were able to use Hed bars, Sram Force components which the dark metal finish there matches the Platinum accents in the paint finish. Pretty perfect if you ask me! The day she picked up this little rig I had quite a bit of traffic through the shop and EVERYONE that saw the bike commented on the wheels and how they match the bike. Carlye and I laughed each time as I really thought the frame is pretty awesome as well as the build...but those bubble gum wheels just makes ya stare that much longer.
Look for this one out at the local sprints and olys...should be easy to spot in T1 and T2...on the will just see a Frost Blue Blurr!

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