Saturday, October 31, 2009

Interbike finds on a Guru Crono

Cinco 010
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So here we are a month out of Interbike and already I have some new bits on a build. While having the new custom Zero Gravity GSL brakes and Rotor 3D cranks on this bike is quite impressive and fast...getting the frame in was anything but. Sure it was within the typical time line of a Guru, John wanted it for Try Andy's Tri and was tired of being uncomfortable on his Felt...of course the bike did not make it in in time. The following week the frame came in on Thursday and did the pre fit on Friday and had it built and ready to go no Saturday so he could race it on a last minute race sign up at Firethorne Tri on Sunday. So does this once again become a story about how with the first ride on a bike being race day gives the athlete a PR like my athletes have done before...that would be a big fat NOPE! See John was late picking up the bike on Saturday due to his daughter being sick...he got the bike....we did a proper fitting and he was off. He did not make it to the race Sunday morning since he choose to stay home with his sick little girl. While I was bummed not to see this bad a$$ rig race morning...I know we will see more of this little jewel next season collecting hardware.

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