Monday, October 19, 2009

Try Andy's Tri

Try Andy's Tri
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Try Andy's Tri was my very first triathlon ever. I remember all the mistakes I made and how slow I was. But I always loved this race and its a high light in the Houston area racing calendar. Same course for years and people love it! This year the C-different team was there and Shama Cycle's very own Brett Cole teamed up to compete with a C-Different athlete for the race. Unfortunately they had two flats during the bike and had to walk it in...but then finished with a solid run. Great job Brett! I got there after the swim started to watch the bikes pour out of T1. I was amazed to see how many two piece swim suits on girls and topless guys I saw...while I was in a long sleeve base layer under my Shama Tech T. It was in the 50s and I saw some bare chested guys come back red! It had to be cold! Finishes of note...
Shawn Smith's first triathlon in over a year after an injury and is on a new Guru Magis. He won Master's Male! Congrats!
Diann H, is back in form on her road bike with some mods we made for triathlon. Even though she won Master's Female, she wants to be faster and a Guru is in her future now.
Kristine Harper got 2nd in her AG and had the fastest bike split in her AG in her first tri on her Guru Ventus.
Melanie Sun won her AG and bike split in her AG on her Guru Magis.
Carlye Graydon got 3rd in her AG after making some mods and refitting her road bike the previous week....her 4th tri...only getting faster!
Cory Gholson got 2nd in his AG with fastest bike split in his AG on
his Guru Crono
Greg Witherow was back after an injury for running, 3rd on the bike in his AG and just had a nice jog in....
Walt Yarrow won his AG on his Guru Merus.
Greg Colvin got 5th in his AG with the fastest bike split in his AG on his refitted and upgraded tri bike.
Sussan Wallace got 5th in her AG but still had the fastest bike split in it with her refitted and upgraded tri bike.
Anne Ekern won her AG...glad to have her back racing in Houston again.
Nigel Willerton got 3rd in his AG with the fastest bike split of the AG....just wait till his Guru Crono is built and he REALLY gets fast!
Jacqueline won her AG with the fastest bike split in it on her Guru Crono!
Congrats to ALL the FOPs out there that put in the training and hard work for the above results.
There is a trend here. The fastest bikes are ones that fit...not the ones with the latest marketing buzz words. Don't get hung up on indoor testing numbers...follow real world real people results!

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