Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tejas Triathlon, details to come

Richard Cairns running out of T1 on his way to winning his Age Group. Passed by Shama team mate and fellow Guru owner Brett Cole in the last half mile of the run. Brett won Master's by 2 seconds. Yeah, Rich didn't spend the next week thinking about those two seconds. ;-)

Brett Cole coming in for the Master's win!

Trent Stephen's coming in 3rd over all!

Tejas Triathlon

John Cascio, from the Shama Road Team, happy not to have to pin a number on his jersey...happy not to have to wear a jersey.

Euan starting off on the bike...

The frantic chip strap swap from Kim to Euan.

This is what the fastest bike of the day looks like coming into T2. Notice the helmet matches the bike...I can go as far as customers let me.
The bike split of Euan and his relay team. Yes, that says 29.4mph. The man loves pain!

2400 WATTS...can this bike handle it???

Sidero, the new Steel offering from Guru.


Yes, that is one very high number. Yes there is a guy who can hit that and this is his new bike. A friend of mine came to me needing a bike that he can't break. After going through carbon bikes pretty easily and eventually some other steel frames he was just wanting someone to tell him that there is a bike that can hold him for more than a season of racing. Eric Attayi is about 6'3" and weighs about 260lbs. This kind of weight can test any frame, then add in someone who races and who LOVES to sprint and you have a problem...a big problem. Bent crank spindles, cracked bottom brackets, welds broken, carbon cracking...its not even fair to mention the brands since NONE of them usually test out to this kind of rider weight. With some power numbers in one hand and measurements in another I called up Robert at Guru and had a long talk with him about this customer and bike that needs to be built. After some back and forth we decided to go Steel. Guru had in some tubing and ordered some more for the diameter and wall thickness needed for the tubes on this bike. The welder there also used a process for welding used in titanium bikes to make sure the welds are that much stronger. Along with an AlphaQ GS-40 fork this became a pretty expensive frame build but still cheaper than a carbon bike. Two goals for this build, a bike made for crits, sprinting, and a perfect fit.
The bike came in and I did my usual pre fit and just loved how it was looking. Eric of course was too excited to weight and we built it up quickly. Campy Record parts graced this classic Steel frame. Along with a Thompsosn seat post, Deda Newton handlebars and Deda Zero 100 stem. We also used Jagwire cables in white, and white Lizard Skin bartape.
With the Easton wheels as shown here...17lbs 4oz. AMAZING!
The bike being built we put him up on the Retul and corrected a couple issues in his cleats and then fine tuned his position. The word from him after riding it for two weeks...he has never ridden such a nice bike and the fit and position is amazing. First race...I can't wait till he can get out and sprint!