Thursday, March 3, 2011

NAHBS 2011

NAHBS 114 by shamacycles
NAHBS 114 a photo by shamacycles on Flickr.
For the past 5 years a custom frame builder Don Walker has been putting on the North American Handmade Bike Show in different parts of the country each year. Frame makers from all over the country come together to show their craft and pride of their work. No, there are no Treks, Specialized, Cervelo, Giant, Orbea, or any big box stock bikes. What was there? Well the brands that Shama Cycles offers...Guru, Moots, Alchemy, Kirklee, and many more hand made custom frame makers. Shama Cycles went to represent Guru at the show with with the DFU (Dynamic Fit Unit) and 5 Guru dream builds at the Guru booth with Robert Pinazza from Guru. Also we brought two Alchemy bikes of ours to show at the Alchemy booth as well as the Wood Kirklee bike for the Kirklee booth. It was very flattering to be able to have bikes built up for our clients that are show worthy. It was a busy and tough 3 days but we made it through. Being able to see all the friends who drove up from Houston to Austin was great and so was being able to meet new people there and talk to them about Guru and the benefits of custom and talk about how we build these dream machines. One highlight of the show was a frame that Kirklee made for Analise Thompson which she wanted painted based on the art work of Van Gogh's Starry Night. We found the frame painter who could pull it off and got back a pure work of art. The work was so stunning that it was the most photographed frame of the show and won BEST PAINT of the entire show. With that finishing off the weekend...we left Austin on a high!