Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Rule Breaking Magis!

Steve Quick was at the shop for a fitting on his TT bike and helped to unload her bike. I think most women would enjoy his help with their frame...haha

KW Magis
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So here is one that I am super proud of. Kathleen is a triathlete who I have known for a couple years and as long as I have known her she has worn pink and tried to "pink out" her QR which unfortunately (not for me though) did not fit her at all. I think she first thought custom was out of her range but after looking at it all we figured out a way to make it work...as in showing her how she can live off of no food or gas for a month. haha No seriously.
So we picked out the frame, a Guru Magis which is a carbon frame that can work with the paint color she wants...PINK! But not ALL pink. We had to throw in some white to go with it. We choose the ultra reliable Ultegra SL components and went all out on the aero set up. Also of course we did out little ceramic bits with some little pink tricks.
The best part of this story is we broke the BIGGEST RULE in triathlon racing. NEVER EVER EVER NEVER EVER NEVER NEVER EVER EVER race something new on race day...let alone a whole new bike! I LOVE IT! I have done it before and will do it again. Custom works and when its right its right. Kathleen's frame came in from Guru at 1:45 pm on Thursday...as in the Thursday before Redman Half Ironman on Saturday. My friend and team mate Steve Quick pulls it out of the box and of course we start in on it right away. Just after 2pm Jon and Kathleen show up wondering if she will race on the Magis or on her old 2 gear working QR. By 5pm this was built and by 6pm she was fitted and loaded up in the car and off to OK for Redman. I triple checked every bolt on that thing as I knew the risk involved here but I have done it before and it has worked every time and with the condition of her old bike we did not have much choice. So Friday's ride report was pretty good, nice ride and nothing hurt or alerted anything. All systems go for Saturday. Saturday came and from another friend there I was getting info that they might cancel or start late due to weather and flooding. The race went on with a mandatory bike dismount in the flooded areas. WOW! Later that day while I was working in the shop with some friends I get this text message saying that the bike was awesome and that she had a 21 minute PR. OH YEAH!!!! TAKE THAT NAY SAYERS! Now, lets just be real here, her bike split was slower than before, the Cyclo Cross style tri did not make for fast splits but her run was very fast. Which if you have ever read this blog or followed my tri bike fitting philosophy you would know that while I know you will be faster on the bike...I look for faster run splits on race day before I say I have "delivered" to my clients what they came to me for. She was excited and loved it and also happy to be able to shift all her gears. haha
Look for her to get used to the new position and dialed in and start to realize her full potential. She trains hard and puts in the work...she may have bought some speed but she earns her AG placings!
Rock On Kathleen!

2005 Sworks Tarmac....Shama Style

JC Sworks
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I met Juan Carlos at the first bike shop I worked at. He came in wanting the best and being the Specialized fan that I was at the time I sold him this Sworks Tarmac. It had full DuraAce and I spent about 10 minutes fitting it to him on a trainer.
WOW! I have learned so much since then and have even kept in touch with Juan Carlos. Unfortunately for him I opened Shama Cycles directly across from his work. I can look at my front door and see his building. He thought it was great at first but is now cursing me for being so close. HAHA! I stripped this frame down to nothing and compounded and polished the frame to restore its brilliance. Then the build, new headset, ceramic bottom bracket from Rotor the SABB, Rotor Agilis cranks, QRings. Sram Red shifters, front D, rear D. Tiso ceramic pulley wheels. TRP 960SL brakes. Nokon cables. Thompson seatpost. Deda Zero 100 handlebars and stem. Lizard Skinz bar tape. New Ultimate carbon cages and KCNC skewers.
Over all we dropped this frame down 3lbs and after the Retul fitting he is finally riding with power and comfort and loving the bike.
The next upgrade. Wheels...and then a custom Guru frame.

Independat Fabrication Crown Jewel...PIMPED

First Pics 011
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So I got this frame in and immediately got excited. It was a plain old Shimano DuraAce set up with some pretty plain parts. It was 4 years old and had not been loved on. I stripped the frame down to nothing and serviced the headset and began picking out what to do. With in a week I had a Tiso bolt kit in blue shipped in from Italy and some matching Deda parts which also happen to be made in Italy. How ever the Nokon cables are German. One thing that took some time to decide on was the crank, finally I settled on function over pure aesthetics. A titanium spindle, ceramic bearings in the bottom bracket, and a 110bcd with a Rotor Qring 53/39 chain ring set. This way if we like we can go compact later with out having to change the cranks. Needless to say this frame polished up like new and with the build and new fitting this bike rides better than ever and looks better than ever.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Video from the show

Interbike 2009 Part 2

One of the Tibco bikes, ready for Look cleat fitting.

Di2 TT shifting. This is freaking awesome!
Time had a nice bike to show...

The Guru Photon! This bike gained a ton of press!!!
12lbs, BB30

Some of the Rotor booth. Zipp QRings. LOVE IT!

One of the rolling displays.

These are cranks they put on my bike...so NO they would not let me take them with me...its cool though...they were too long for me anyway.

EE Cycles cranks, super light and still stiff...

Thor pointing at my while I look at my bike...

Got Dave Scott to sign it as well.

RockRacing's rigs. Funny I didn't see a Rock bike in the crit but I did see a Rock racer

3D crank with Quarq and Rotor Rings.
Light, stiff, fast, power..my next crankset

The Luna Chicks were paraded around by the podium boys...
Things were pretty expensive in Vegas...like this little snack for two.
$15 for this...who can gamble after wasting money like this.
It was good though...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Shama at Interbike 2009

My Kirklee shown off at Interbike 2009 at the Rotor booth!!!!

Selle SMP Forma and Carbon Lite. Brand new for 2010 and I already have them in the shop.
Yup, the latest greatest!

Dan B from Kelly Benefits on one of his countless attacks during the Pro crit. He could have won
from his breakaway of 6 but slid out in the last lap...he rolled though last to a cheer and
applause from the crowd honoring how hard he worked during the race.

The GURU Dynamic Fit Unit. Fully motorized bike fitting and more.
Guru shows why they are the largest custom bike company in the game.
Guru Crono 2.0. WOW

Well its here, the biggest bike show this side of the pond. Shama Cycles is here to check out the latest greatest and get new tips and see what works and what doesn't. Especially since I am always trying to push the limits with my bike builds. I would have updated sooner but my feet hurt so bad after the first day all I want to do is lay down by the end of the night...something about walking miles and standing up (even while eating lunch) just kills in this city...not to mention how much of a rip off certain things are here. Like $8 for a tooth brush...or $5 for OJ from the Starbucks at the airport. Might as well gamble and REALLY throw your money away. Ok...enough of my rant. ;-) Bikes...and more bikes and parts! Being in custom bikes there was not alot for me to really drool over. Every manufacturer comes out here to show off the lightest, stiffest, aeroest (just made that one up) latest version of last years bike. We all look at them and go WOW if I only had that bike. Well...not any more. Now, to me, its about can you make that fit me...not can I fit that? Rotor and Kirklee was my one stop where my bike that I race (and wrecked on) was chosen to be in the Rotor booth to show off the new Rotor 3D cranks, S2 stem, and S1 seat post. I was very honored and happy to have my bike that I built as a show bike at Interbike....that is HUGE! Watching people stare, take pictures, comment on my components, pick it up and freak out on a race worthy 13lbs bike. AWESOME!!!! Last year I couldn't get some manufactures to take me seriously and this year I had a bike in a booth, and the top dealer for some of my manufactures that I sell. What a change....that came with alot of 18 our days and not much play. Now over the the Guru booth....yes that was one of the most talked about booths there. Why? Three things...Dynamic Fit Unit, Photon, Crono2.0. The DFU is a fit bike that is fully automated to allow changes in position to be made by millimeters while the rider is on the unit and pedaling. Allowing for the perfect position to be found in really time and position. Guru was the first to try to get this going, its take three years but its finally here. Funny how others came to the show with something similar, even saw a demo of one, the thing looked shaky and not quite ready yet. Guru's demos that ran all day were exact, strong, and the DFU feels like you're on a weight machine at the gym....SUPER STRONG. What an amazing break through. Oh yeah...Shama Cycles will have the first one in the country and exclusively in Houston. So for the latest in bike fitting and custom frame design Shama Cycles is where its at as well as where it will be at. ;-) I love my job! Guru also brought to new bikes to the show. The Photon is a road bike made for the serious enthusiast or racer or anyone who wants a road bike that is in the 700 gram range that performs like a dream. The Crono 2.0 is a tt/tri bike that represents the push for an aerodynamic design that is still customizable. Very tough to get both. More to come on all of these....time to get some food and hit the final day. All exciting stuff. Some though I will not blog about as these are tricks saved for my athletes and clients...sorry. ;-)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Guru vs Cervelo update (spolier, Guru won!)

Andrew pre race at a local Starbucks. Gotta love it!

Several months back a posted about a project to get an already fast guy faster. From a Cervelo to a Guru to prove that custom/fitting is more important than shear aerodynamics. Yes I threw down the gauntlet and staked my business and reputation on the line.
Ironman is the distance that defines triathlon. Being in the game for a while I have had the privilege of meeting so many great people in this sport and even the honor of working with them...slow or fast...racer or rec rider, I appreciate everyone that trusts me with their hobby/addiction.
One such relationship I have had the honor to have is with my friend Andrew Strong, first of all this is one of the most honorable guys I know...but also one of the fastest. We all like riding with him...but hate it when he gets to the front cause you know its on...for longer than what you would want. Andrew in his first year of triathlon did 3 Ironmans. (sick I know) His first, he was hooked, his second he got a roll down slot to Kona and of course had to go. The next year he raced again and again got a roll down to Kona. This was all done on a Cervelo P3C that was even fitted in the wind tunnel by John Cobb himself. The guy was fast...but we wanted to be faster. So with much thought and due diligence Andrew, myself, and Robert at Guru came up with a frame that we thought would do the trick. We decided on a Guru Merus, a titanium rig for several reasons. One, Andrew is HARD on this gear, he is a busy guy trying to maintain a family along with a career and train for Ironman. When he is done with a ride he throws his bike in the back of his FJ and takes off to the next part of his day. Also with traveling to races he just doesn't want to have to worry about the frame. Titanium frames are indestructible and love abuse. Plus Guru is able to fine tune the ride of the frame for each rider through proper tube selection. We built the bike and as all the custom frames I sell the fit was pretty easy. We tweaked a little since and got it dialed in. The first test was Ironman Brazil earlier this year. At mile 70 Andrew wrecked in a turn around with a bagel in his hand and had to stop for about 15 minutes to get med check. Still he finished the bike but on the run he called it quits after a couple yards in a smart move to error on the side of caution and wait to race another day...
"another day" became Ironman Canada. A very hard course and while I have all the faith in the world in Andrew and his ability I was a little worried since, one I had not ridden with him as often as before to witness his power or heard many reports from Trent about their epic 3 jogs through Houston at 6 minute miles with surge after surge. Andrew made a big change professionally that while good for him, at first glance it didn't seem good for training at all. All you can do is what ever we have time for and hope its enough.
Race day came and he said he was ready so all I could do is log onto Ironman Live and update all day looking for splits. Swimming has been he weak spot in the past and things started off well with a 5 min pr (1:15ish) for the swim. Wow...he actually got in the pool a couple times since Brazil. Then the bike...following those updates were the best and worse. I was so happy to see the good times but stressed between each one hoping that what we did was correct...and also fighting my worse fear....that the bike I just built doesn't fall apart. Most people might wake up at night in a cold sweat thinking what if they lost their job, if their 401K dropped to nothing...I worry about client's fits. Did you see when Macca pulled out of a race due to busted rear derailleur cable or when Fabian Cancellara pulled out of Paris Roubiax due to a busted chain? Oh man...to be that mechanic to last touch that bike...talk about a bad day at the office. It drives me to pay attention to every detail of every bike I build and fit. Just my little quark on race day. haha So the bike was fast...really fast. 5:09:09 bike split, the fastest in his AG. Then his run...was sick. Good enough to get him into a sub 10. 9:55:44 which of course was a PR in every way. Third in his AG and 58th OVERALL!!!! A-FREAKIN-MAZING!!!! What a killer performance! Of course we were all happy for him, again, I got a text the next day talking about how great the bike was and what an amazing day he had. Also text messages asking when I am flying into Hawaii in October to support him there. I gotta go...just after I sell enough bikes to pay for it.

Thank you Andrew for all your hard work, dedication, and your trust in me and the bike I built for you...you make me very proud!

testing is subjective...RESULTS don't lie

Fred Johnson running into T1

Trent running into that finish chute...

Hardware from Summertime Blues, missed a couple for the shot but you get the point. Oh yeah by hardware I mean awards...not my neck brace. hahaha

Trent running out of T1 on his 4th Guru from me in 3 years...LOVE THAT GUY!

Rich Cairns on his way to a 2:13 oly in New York in the rain...FAST!!!!!

So every one wants to see stats...testing...marketing numbers. So and so (who always wins) won on this bike...wheels...shoes...aerobars...helmet...and so on. I do things differently, I offer something different. I don't offer what other people say you should ride...I offer what will work for YOU. Everyone is different and so should their bikes and gear. One thing should remain the same...results. I work very hard with each client to do all I can to help them reach thier goals...and occasionally they realize potential they never knew they had. Richard Cairns is one such story...I met 3 years ago at a previous store I used to work at. I sold him a road bike so he could start getting into triathlons. He did a couple sprints, had fun with having a swimmers background, yet as with everyone, sometimes life gets in the way. Some time off and some time later we reconnect in the start of my adventure into the unknown and on my own. One of the early bikes sold I got Rich started off on pretty much a dream bike. From there he started training and racing again with great success. Then came Tejas where he won his AG and a second off of Masters. With fire in his eyes and the taste on this lips the pain came. Nautica NYC Tri the guy was a killer and then in a little local sprint tri with some great local names he was racing his friend who beat him at Tejas. Summertime Blues Tri became a race for two guys, both on Guru Cronos, both coached by the same coach, both set a Master's Record for the race with Rich coming in 2nd overall and Brett Cole 3rd overall. This time though...Rich had his Master's win and Brett had to take the AG W. Later that day I got a text from Rich thanking me for the help down this road to glory. This is why I do what I do...knowing that what I do makes a difference in this sport we all love...to what ever level we all love it.
Here are some of the results from races of recent. I am sure I am missing some but I think you get the point. Custom bikes work, fitting is a must, and that with the right parts....you can buy speed!

Ironman Canada
Andrew Strong 9:55:44 with a 5:09:09 bike split on a Guru Merus. 3rd in AG and 58th overall. Kona here we come
Trent Stephens 10:14:24 Guru Crono 108 OA and 29th in the PRO ranks.
Walt Yarrow 12:01:31 Guru Crono 1st Ironman,
Lisa Tilton McCarthy 12:23:16 Guru Merus
Debbie Harrison 15:22:52 Guru TriLite
Tessie Jackson Phillips 16:35:09 Guru TriLite

Nautica NYC Tri
Richard Carins 2:13:08 Guru Crono
6th in AG out of 396 in AG. PR

Chicago Tri
Mike Shearman 2:40:22 Guru Ventus
Teresa Demetriou 2:51:31 Guru Magis, 9th in AG first race on the bike and a PR

Bridgeland Tri
Laura Meichan 1:21:38 Master's Female winner, first triathlon ever, Guru Geneo
Melanie Sun 1:17:49 Guru Magis 2nd in AG and 2nd fastest bike split of the women
Brett Cole 1:10:20 Guru Crono 3rd in AG 10th overall
Greg Witherow 1:19:53 Guru Merus hot off of IMCDA
Greg Colvin 1:14:22 recent Retul fitting and upgrades, 5th in AG fastest bike split in AG 2nd fastest OA.
Collen West 1:31:09 Guru Praemio 6th in AG

Clearlake Tri
Trent Stephens 1:15:17 OVERALL WINNER Crono
Laura Meichan 1:28:24 1st in AG 25.7mph av, fastest femail bike split in entire race Geneo
Melanie Sun 2:35:11 2nd in AG fastest bikesplit in AG Magis
Jacqueline Fein 3:09:11 2nd in AG
John Caffey 2:13:40 1st in AG 4th overall, recent Retul fitting with upgrades
Jon English 2:18:14 3rd in AG recent Retul Fitting and upgrades
Brett Cole 2:14:58 1st in AG Guru Crono
Greg Colvin 2:23:53 1st in Clydsdale Masters with the fastest bike split of the entire race 25.7mph

Summertime Blues Tri
Richard Cairns 1:06:38 Masters Overall, 2nd Overall, new Masters record. Crono
Brett Cole 1:07:14 1st in AG 3rd Overall Crono
Trent Stephens 1:08:22 2nd in AG 5th overall Merus (first ride on that bike was race morning haha)
Debbie Demeo 1:16:15 1st in AG and 2nd female overall, recent Retul fitting and upgrades
Dave Depinet 1:11:59 1st in AG Guru Crono
Fred Johnson 1:12:18 2nd in AG Guru Crono
Nigel Willerton 1:12:49 3rd in AG recent Retul Fitting and upgrades

East Side Tri
Trent Stephens OVERALL WIN on his Guru Merus (finally dialed in 7days after last weeks tri)
Fred Johnson 3rd in AG Guru Crono
Melanie Sun AG winner! Guru Magis

Ironman Wisconsin
Greg Colvin 12:19 and 250 places higher than IMCDA post Retul fitting and upgrades...

Chappell Hill Road Race
Stephanie Page 2nd Cat4 women
Bill Krause 3rd Cat 4 men