Friday, October 30, 2009

Kona Concluded

What a tale of real life racing. Andrew Strong pushes it all year long. Making the most of each workout in order to balance training, recovery, work and most of all family. So of course his family was in Kona with him and he was able to make it a bit of a vaca post Ironman Kona by staying in Hawaii for some family time. He killed Canada (where he got 3rd in his AG earning his Kona slot) with a sub 10 and had goals to shoot for a 9:40 at Kona. Tuned up and ready to go leading up to it, less than 24hours to GO TIME, I get a phone call from Andrew at the expo buying me a jersey for the shop and I hear the scratch in his voice. NOT GOOD! Of course we talked about how he is not feeling that great and is worried about starting in the morning with not feeling 100%. So what was the call??? In true Shama Cycles fashion he started the swim, made it through in a decent time for him but was behind last years time. Then I followed the bike and realized he was not having his best day. was painful to watch online and I know Andrew was pushing through even harder. Of course with dragging the family to Kona and the long training weekends and sacrifice he had no other option than to finish. That same drive and toughness that gave him a PR earlier this year carried him to the finish line to have his wife and two kids greet him...finishing the race and beginning his vacation and off season. Was his 10:40 what he wanted? No...but then again we all have those races...well not all of us can do a 10:40 on our best day but you get what I am saying. That is part of what makes those great days so great...knowing that you avoided a bad day. Next season...will only be better.
Thank you Andrew for your support and race ethic. You inspire us all.

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