Thursday, January 1, 2009

1st Day of 2009!

(those are egg whites under that cheese)

Today started off kind of rough to say the least. Since my New Years Eve happenings should not really be on this blog...we will just say that 7am came WAY too early to catch an 8am ride. Stumbling into my bib shorts with 3days of growth on my legs and a dirty bike and I could not be bothered. I was only out to do 40-50 with some friends and team mates and I was hoping all would be a bit tired today anyway. The ride was great, just what I needed to feel good and sweat out some toxins. As we finished our paths crossed two guys just rolling out for their ride. Since I had not seen these two former teammates/current friends " all year" I decided to roll with them a little and catch up before packing it in. YEAH RIGHT! 95 miles and 6 hours later I was done and back at the shop. My legs were trashed and I was STARVING! I quick ran to IHOP for a super awesome egg white omlette and pancakes...which hit the spot...a couple of times. ;-) Now for the work. Finished up Euan MacKay's Guru Crono tuned it up and had him check the fit with a couple spins in behind the shop and it was a day. When the final fitting is done and everything is tweaked just right we will have some better photos and write up on each part of this five figure rig. We are riding in the morning together with some a couple more guys so Euan can have a proper feel for his first Time Trial bike. Should be a blast...for him. I am fear I am pretty spent going into the ride tomorrow. But its my job so I gotta do it. RIGHT? hahaha I know, I can't complain. ;-)
Happy New Years to all!

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