Friday, January 30, 2009

My Kirklee with my Geometry painted in.


Today I just got some pictures of my Kirklee that is a "showroom" bike that just happens to fit me...EXACTLY! hehehe This bike will tell the story of custom frame making. Guru, Kirklee, and Parlee all make each frame for each person to fit them exactly. This sometimes is hard to realize from just talking about it so I had this frame finished in a very special way. The design notes, or CAD drawing measurements that go into each frame for tube lengths and angles were all hand drawn on this frame by Brad at Kirklee and then custom paint sealed it in by Dave Simms.
Its a project bike that shows off what Kirklee can do as well as showing each client what it means to have a custom bike that is tailor made for them.
These are pics of it at Kirklee in week there will be pics of it in Houston getting built up.

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