Sunday, January 25, 2009

A long weekend

After a long week and weekend of working and finishing up the last of the 4 Gurus that hit me all at once 10 days ago, I am mentally exhausted and ready for a new week with some new work. Not that I can complain about building such beautiful bikes, but as I also set up the shop to "officially open" soon there is just always something to do. Each bike built takes time and careful thought as the build comes along. In this picture above showing the stem assembly, the owner of the bike and I spent probably 2 hours deciding just the right combo of Nokon cable colors as well as headset and cap configurations as well as some other little bits. I do this with almost every bike built for my clients to make each one as unique as the geometry of the frame its self. Having a custom frame is one thing, but having clients that like to take their bikes and builds to another level is awesome. This Guru Crono above will have some more pics following soon as my photographer was out of town on business. (like there is something more important than this???)
Also I have to drop the news on my own new Guru Geneo and the ride on that. Today was AMAZING and I can't wait to race this year.
See ya on the road...

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