Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fun side notes

My left leg was freshly injured at the paint party where the jokes of the male and female mannequins were flying. Since I could not Dorsi Flex my foot and Trent has to nickname everyone and everything...we quickly named the pair Doris and Boris Flexor. So there ya have it...now Doris has some clothes and sitting out proper on the showroom floor.

Photos. Being a photo whore and buying a lot of pics pays off in some great ways. Karen Thibodeaux was looking out for Shama Cycles at a race recently and sent me a great action shot of Trent Stephens getting stripped out of his wetsuit. While someone who does not know about triathlon might wonder why I have a 20x30 framed photo on my wall of a man wearing spandex with my last name on it is having his clothes torn off by a 16year old girl...I will happily be able to explain this great little action shot of my friend coming out of the water getting ready to kill the bike and run on his way to leading almost the entire race and finishing as the first Pro at the Ironstar Half Ironman. That was ridden on a custom Guru Crono by the way....

I just had to add that last part in...

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