Saturday, January 10, 2009

Carima Cranks...Quarq to come.

The signature of a Shama build. Laser etched stem caps with matching bolt that takes off the standard 26gram combo and puts on a 6gram cap and bolt is color matched for each bike and looks way better than a sticker on the frame. Just another example of that little extra touch that goes into each bike that rolls out the door here.
And YES, that is a diamond crusted headset spacer. BIKE BLING!
Carima crank arms with a Phil Wood bottom bracket and TA Specialties chain rings...why? Its a 165crank arm that will take a Quarq power meter. Which is on the way.
The bike overall. More to come in future posts and on the website when it gets launched. But yeah, there is alot of little goodies on this one. Its evolved quite a bit over the past year.

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