Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well today was working on the Crono project some more. Last night before closing down shop we got Euan on the trainer to check over the position and fit before we cut the steerer and to start cutting down the HED aerobar extensions.
Figuring out a temp steerer compression bolt for the carbon steerer of the AlphaQ fork was fun. We are not bonding in the permanent insert that AlphaQ supplies just yet to play with the position just a bit.
After that came the Nokon cables on a bottom bracket of a frame that Guru has internally routed but modified to accept the BB30 of the Zipp Vuma Quad cranks. Which are temp cranks till the Vuma Cronos are shipping from Zipp...yeah I know. But you would to if you could. ;-)
I was able to run the Nokon supplied inner liner the entire length of the cable run, through the BB30 mod pop out and back through the frame again. This should offer a completely protected cable through out the entire bike. While it should aid in long term shifting smoothness, my real reason for wanting it to last is I don't really want to have to do it again anytime soon. Thank goodness its New Years and I will have an excuse to have a drink in a couple hours.

So now all that is left is some fine tuning of the shifting and taping the bar extensions.
What does this bad boy weigh??? 15.02lbs as it shows in this pic from my camera phone.
Better pics to come.

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