Monday, January 5, 2009

Carpeting, base, and Quarq oh my

Today we (John Cascio) finished up the base on all the walls and even on the cabinets in the shop area...I was all to happy to be busy with other things while he was doing that. haha
So the carpet is done and so is the base and paint. "sigh"
I got to ride the Quarq on Saturday with Helen for a little recovery ride on the Death Ride loop. Two hours later I was done and tired. Helen made me sustain 600watts on a couple of overpasses trying to keep my pride intact. Of course sitting down trying to regulate my breathing to be cool...I look over and Helen probably just stayed back out of pity...
Later she pushed it over an overpass and I found myself drafting and then realizing that she is not much of a draft and I need to HTFU! So I did and got side by side as my legs reminded me of the hell I put them through in the two days before hand. Overall a great fun ride with a great friend. The stuff that makes one remember why we love riding our bikes anyway.
Oh yeah, the power meter. So the install was a BREEZE!! Then the usage is great. I can see my wattage, speed, HR, cadence, distance, and time all at once. Sure its a big computer head...but when I am on the bike and riding and see all this info at once with out having to flip to different screens...I don't care. No one that has seen it so far has said anything about the size of the computer...just loving the look of the cranks and all that it can do with out such a penalty of weight.

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