Friday, January 2, 2009

Who says you can't buy speed???

Above is Euan aero. Below is the turn around where we met another client. Funny, her bike still gets more looks...

Well I started work today at 8am. When a client goes out on those first rides I like to ride with them to be there check the position and tweak anything that might need to be done that you just don't see on the stand or in the trainer. Yes...I had to ride as part of my job. AWESOME!!!!

Today was the first ride on the sickest Guru Crono that I know of. Euan (the owner of the rig) and one of my team members John met up with me this morning at 8am. I had a complete Allen set from 2-10 just in case there were some adjustments at all we would need to make on this first ride. So I figured since Euan is pretty strong (stronger than John and myself as well) but riding a TT bike for the first time ever, that there would be some pretty strong efforts that would be short lived as he got used to the position and new muscles used. Plus I am pretty trashed from my 95miles yesterday and looking for a fun ride with some stops for adjustments.


After rolling at 20-22 side by side for a little while chating about the bike and how awesome it is...we get to our first section of clear road (2miles into the ride) and Euan is in his aerobars at 26mph. Ok, so I just draft...John is behind me and I am checkin Euan's pedal stroke and hip movement...or lack there of. Our first light and he is just amazed and says he is feeling good on this so far. My spirits were dashed as I could then foresee the pain I was about to endure. Next section we were at 27-28 for 6 miles as Euan dragged John and I around. Then we started hitting 30....31...32. I would have yelled at Euan to cut that out and slow down but I could barely breathe let alone talk. This went on for the rest of the 75 mile ride. Every good section of road he was laying it down like a kid with his first video game...he would not stop! Mind you I am rolling on a 14lbs Kirklee and after about 50 miles John and I started taking turns...getting dropped.
I say all of that to say this. We did not make one adjustment to his bike the entire ride. He stayed aero the entire time and felt great at the end of the ride. Taking the time in the build and the fit of this custom rig really paid off. Sure we might try somethings but so far...he is faster than he could have thought and happier than he could have imagined. Which of course made me very happy.

Yes its rare to gain that comfort right away but it does show how fit and taking ones time in every detail is key...along with some ultra high quality parts that add to the go fast button.

Now on to an 11speed Campy upgrade on a Guru Praemio and my first installation of the Quarq power unit. I will keep you all posted on that one. Is it really fair to mention how bad my legs hurt and how good a nap sounds right now???


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