Thursday, January 8, 2009

What is a custom bike?

Notice the BB above with the notes there...that is a beefed up BB area as well. Lets just say to handle my "power". ;-)
But how many carbon bike manufacturers would let you see the frame in the raw? No paint, no fillers, no primer? Just the naked frame. I can count on one had the ones I have seen...which are the ones that I offer at Shama Cycles. Ever seen "other" bikes show off carbon in the center of the tubing but never the joints...whats under that subtle fade in paint job???
Above is the front end, and below is the drive side view...that is a AlpahQ GS40 fork. Not the lightest but its definitely got some BEEF too it.

A custom frame...kinda like tailor made clothing...not only lets you pic the color...but every aspect of the bike that affects fit and handling is up for grabs. Every tube length and every angle affects the over all outcome of feel on the road for each rider. Sorry, but no two people are alike so why are we all riding the same bike? It does not matter you say...then why do we alter our clothes, get custom gold clubs,
To this end one of my bikes will be what I call the "My Geometry" bike. Its a Kirklee and since I am able to work with them and the painter very closely I can get just about anything done I want for myself or my clients. (for a price of course) So instead of having some killer crazy paint job I am going to show off the true art work that goes into a custom carbon frame, the craftsmanship and the exact geometry of that frame. So its getting shot with a pearl clear coat to show off every bit of carbon work on the frame as well as the builder of that frame hand wrote all of the design notes used to build that frame on the tubing. Each tube length, gram weight of each tube, and angle used to the next tube is on the bike. There you can see what it is that I am riding and why that bike is different than say the typical 54cm bike I would normally ride if it was off the floor.
This frame should be back from paint in a week or so...the build...well I am wanting a 14lbs bike again with the Quarq power meter....I think 13lbs and race ready is possible but we will see. I wonder what the Sram Red shifters, Edge Tubular wheels and Tiso cassette will do to drop this one down over my previous Kirklee...OH THE FUN!

Don't get me wrong, there are alot of good complete bikes out there that cost less than what one of these frames cost. I have ridden alot of them and sold alot of them. But when you want the absolute best in what riding a bike can be...custom is the only way to go.

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