Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Ride with a final stop at the shop.

Quarq second gen for Agilis cranks from Rotor. 54/42 QRings. long as I don't ride them outside of Houston. ;-)
(The spread...DunkinDonuts coffee, 2 dozen bagels from Panera...gone!)

Chris Lockwood is one of those guys in the cycling community that is rare. He maps rides, plans routes, sets times, picks rest stops, and rides hard. In 2008 he clocked 10,000 miles. you know now how much laundry that must be? haha
He has a blog and an email list of riders that an ad company would envy. Yet every week he picks his route with a come one come all attitude just to have some people join in. He also blogs about it and posts pics he takes during the ride just for fun. Which is what this should be all about. I love this ride every time we do it.

About the ride...what a day. Only in Houston can you roll out of your house at 6:15am in January and start sweating in your warm up which did not 8am a cold front and some rain blew in which took myself and some others by we were not prepared. Starting off I had to rush over to Starbucks for a fix. Ran into some more guys there rolling out, chatted about how out of shape we all are in and how we all have not been riding. Cyclists are the biggest that all just means that they have been putting in time on their computrainers with monster intervals! So yeah today's ride was tough. I swapped my Quarq cranks from the Kirklee to a Guru Merus tt bike. The BBs were the same so it was one bolt off and one bolt on. Piece of cake. Swapped the Garmin over and it was done. So easy! LOVE THIS THING. Also love the part how it was telling me that as we were in a rotating pace line for on 5 mile stretch that as we were fighting to hold 17-18mph into the wind, I was drafting at 280watts and pulling at 380watts. All that work and no speed...that is was a tough stretch...though really the whole ride was tough...I don't remember seeing under 200watts unless we were slowing down to stop.
Today we finished up our EPIC RIDE rolling down Post Oak and about 15 guys rolled into the shop for some coffee, bagels, and BS about how we all just ripped the legs off of each other. It was great, and just fun to start showing off the location and showing everyone what I am doing and talk about some of the bikes that have rolled out of Shama Cycles that were on the ride today.
I think the bagels and coffee will be there more often on Saturday Post Rides

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