Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Walt's second GURU, Geneo and the Retul Fitting

A big bike...17lbs for this rig with training wheels. Pretty amazing for a bike that holds a guy that is 6'3".
Deda Zero Service Corsa stem, Deda Supernatural bars, Nokon cables, TRP 960SL brakes,
Sram Red shifters front and rear D. Agilis Cranks, Qrings, and SABB ceramic bb.

Walt is a big guy and a strong cyclist...but a triathlete at heart. So of course his first bike that he got from me was a Guru Merus. Since we have made some upgrades on it and he has had faster bikes and runs ever since racing on the Merus. With his love of the bike its only natural that he would want to ride more and enjoy riding a road position as much as the tri. His old road bike begins with a C and ends with an O. So this is easy.
Since he is a triathlete and we know his tri position from his first tri bike, we took that data and turned it into road measurements, complimentary to his tri position but still being able to handle well like a road bike and even do his first crit race in 3 weekends. Thus we have the Guru Geneo, super light, razor sharp handling, accelerates like you have a NOS system. We picked the parts, did a pre fitting, and finished the build. Today we did the Retul fitting and he got to spin it out in the back of the shop. When it comes to fitting bikes, there have been times I have spent hours with people trying to find the right mix of close to how they should fit the bike with out compromising too much handling or stability. But with a custom bike, a bike where each tube length is made to fit your anatomy perfectly and the stem, handlebar, crank, seatpost, saddle are all selected ahead of time to match into that perfect fitting...well then my job becomes WAY easy in this case. Almost too easy. From the prefitting we did, we moved the saddle up and forward a little once we had the Retul hooked up to compliment his tri position. Another ride outside in the back and he was home. He loved it and I loved seeing the look on his face as he made run after run back and forth. The first big ride is this Saturday as he does the Shiner Ride, 1oo miles ending at the Shiner Brewery for lots of beer and a live concert. While I am not a guy who really drinks, I know plenty of cyclists who do and this is a HUGE ride for most of them. hahaha Gotta love bikes and the calories they help us burn.

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