Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lonestar Tri is over part 3

Greg Witherow's first race and only second time to ride the bike. He killed it and PR'd and proved to the race day gods that their rules do not apply to Shama Cycles bikes!
Greg is enjoying his ti Guru Merus with Ultegra SL grouppo along with HED wheels. Party on Greg!

I got Greg as a customer thanks to Walt Yarrow who also killed it out there is weekend. Funny, one of Walt's antagonists in the heavily contested Age Group competition is Brett Cole, whom he also sent me to get a Guru which is on here as well. So fortunately for me but unfortunately for Walt...he has given up his edge over the competition and leveled the playing field with his buddys. Walt still is an extremely strong cyclist...and only getting better.
John Startz is also enjoying the tri scene and today enjoyed the Aquabike. Which all triathletes should try at least once, or a relay. To be able to get out there and just hammer on the bike in a race situation is awesome!!! A good test and gauge to use in future races.

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