Monday, April 20, 2009

Racing the Driveway Crit on the Kirklee

Taking a flyer in the 3/4 race. Keeping gap in the turns on a 14lbs bike that carves corners like a bowie knife...
Standing up out of a corner...solid!!!
Better side note about the pic below...that is Dave McLaughlin to my left with the body art. He is usually the one who takes shots at these races...always the photographer and never the photographee. Not today. My friend Ned Frost who took these pics got him as well. Thanks Ned for these pics and thanks Dave for all the race images of past and those to come!
Every Thursday in Austin they have a race Spring through Fall. Its called the Driveway and its one of the best training races/weekly crits in Texas. I go up every once in a while to race, have fun, try some stuff, see what works. This was my first race on the Kirklee. It did me proud! Cornering is one of the bikes strong points. Front end stiffness is wonderful! I did not sprint in this race, just hard accelerations...which it handled very well. Not to mention leading up to this race, being able to ride it on some VERY crappy Texas roads, this bike is smooth. Its stiff where it needs to be and smooth where you want it. Now its just whether or not I like the Easton EC90 cranks or not. I might have to swap them with the old faithfuls, Dura Ace cranks and compare. And that is the best part of this race, I can race twice once a week and try something new each time. This bike is coming out again but next week with the Edge race wheels. OH YEAH!!!!