Monday, April 6, 2009

Lonestar Tri is over

Trent Stephens showing what a custom bike and wind tunnel testing and Retul fitting will do for you. 7th Elite Male finisher!!
Kathy Sanford won the overall women's title in the Aquabike! We did some last minute upgrades to her rig last week as well.
Ann Hughes got 4th in her AG with the 2nd fastest bike split!

One great highlight was Ann Smith taking Masters Female in the quarter distance! Funny, I just repositioned her on Wednesday, and about to do more to tweak her bike fit for some up coming races. She has never really been slow...but she can be faster...and soon she will be faster!!!

Also of note, Hugh Ferry, Wayne Kehr, Augustina, Sherrill Garland, Robin Campbell, Kendall Gray, Jacqueline Fein, Peggy Yetman, Mac Sustala, Chris Sustala, Tommy Sustala, Drew Torres , Margie Connolly, Kathleen Woodhead, Chad Fikes, John Startz, Angie Balentine (of Jack & Adams), Colleen Kelso, Jillian Horn, Jenny & Jerry Holzaepfal. CONGRATULATIONS out there on a tough yet fun day of racing!!!


  1. Phil~thanks for helping me get faster on my bike. I guess I need help on my T1 time! Thought I was a good multi-tasker. Trent, good advice...I need to practice transition!!! Fun race. Thanks, Ann

  2. haha....that is awesome! Leave it to Trent to keep you on your toes. Even if you would have won your AG...if he knew you could have been faster he would have pointed it out. ;-)