Monday, April 6, 2009

Getting ready for the races....

Trent is rolled in the Elite wave this weekend with his disc and 808 front of course.

The biggest weekend of tri racing in Houston, maybe even in Texas. 2600 athletes over 2 days in 2 distances. Sprint, quarter, and half. So needless to say I was slammed all week with athletes wanting their bikes tuned up for the race, race wheels put on and check shifting, a last minute upgrade and even picking up a new bike before race day. Gotta love

Ann was race ready with her set up. Purple never looked so good on a bike.

Well, Greg Witherow committed the ultimate RACE SIN this weekend. He raced on a bike that he only got the Friday before the race...a brand new custom Guru Merus. Which means he only rode about 30 minutes on it on Saturday before racing it in the Half on Sunday! Did he pay the price??? No sir! Half Ironman PR by 33 minutes. Last year he did the Aquabike half at the same race where he left it all out on the bike last year, this year conserving on the bike in windy conditions to save the run...still 5 minutes faster. All on a bike he still needs a little time to get used to. Another example where custom just can not be beat. Good job Greg! You make me proud!

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