Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lonestar Tri is over part 2

Trent kicking in the run on lap lap 4 his grin was not as evident...
Richard Cairns killing the bike! I love how he lined up the HED decals for the pic! hahaha
A common theme of the day from my first race Guru riders...the bike felt so good I think I want a bit too hard and paid for it in the run a little. Gotta love it!
Fred Johnson, had a goal of sub 5hours. He was 21 seconds off but still a PR! Also his fastest bike split...using the new Quarq Saturn power meter. Racing with power is HUGE!
Brett Cole was also out on his first race on his new Guru Crono. His quote

Wanted to let you know – my 2:31 Lonestar on the Guru was 8:00 faster than Longhorn in October and nearly 25:00 faster than Lonestar in 2008. The bike felt so good I probably pushed a bit too hard and took away from my run some – but it was fun and I won’t complain about being under 5:00 on a hot and windy day.

Makes me proud!

Lisa Tilton McCarthy looks to be out on a leisurely stroll but in fact is rolling along on her way to 3rd in the Aquabike. Her Kona aspirations this year are more important than racing doubles every weekend. Which is a first for her as the Aquabike was raced instead of the Half. Saving the legs for the BIG ONE is the way to go. Good job Lisa and that Guru will take you to Hawaii all the way! Look for more postings on Lisa and her beautiful Guru Crono. Hers is one of the first ones I sold several years ago and one of the nicer builds as well.