Monday, April 20, 2009

A Crono with a unique story...

The part I love most...he has a Zipp 999 race wheel set...these are for everyday training!
Why have them for training? Umm...for looks...

Well, everyone knows that guy who just rides and rides and rides. Some one who is actually really fast and just loves to ride. I know one such guy who goes by the name of Tommy Elder. Tommy has been racing triathlons since the 70s and some of us even call him Obi-Wan because he is wise in the way of triathlon. hahaha Since I have known him he has been riding an aluminum frame tri bike and has been known to do 100 miles at the Picnic Loop at Memorial Park mid week. Weekends...then its the long rides. Being the "fit critic" that I am I always would want to get him on something different and smoother. Carbon for starters. Finally through a scequence of events too long for this blog it finally happened. Tommy is now rolling on a Guru Crono custom made just for him and his measurements. Some parts are from his old bike, which is mostly the Ultegra group. Yes, I can actually work with parts you may already own. ;-)
Though the upgrade list is standard Shama style. New Ultimate stem, Nokon cables white and black, Rotor SABB ceramic bottom bracket, Tiso ceramic pulley wheels, KMC gold chain, and HED Jet 40 FR wheels. This rig like this is 17lbs. OH SO NICE! Even better is the compliments that Tommy gets on his bike now. For the first time people have told him that his position looks good...and so does the bike. Its nearly too much for words at first just look at it and as you are about to comment on one thing, you see something else. Most importantly...Tommy is a SUPER happy client/friend who is riding the nicest bike he has ever had and loves every bit of it! I love my job!