Saturday, December 27, 2008

Today's wet and windy 90 miler

A picture of the money makers (my thighs) and my beautiful Bont shoes just covered in grime.
The Kirklee just covered in muddy spray. Jack and Adam's water bottles...showing love to my Austin friends!
Chris and Gary getting some food and below is Gary...who looks more like he did a cross race rather than a road ride.
The crew who HTFU and rode hard today! SPOT ON!

So since I got the keys to Shama Cycles I have not ridden my bike nor seen my pillow before midnight as is evident from the timing of this posting. But I love what I do. Also from over doing it last Friday I have not been able to ride or run due to some nerve damage in my left leg. Its slowly getting better and today (Friday the 26th) I went out for a ride with some buddies.
Chris Lockwood, John Cascio, Gary Zimmerman, and myself met at Euan MacKay's house there next to Memorial Park. I of course was running late and had them roll out a couple min late.
Since I had not ridden in a while I had my bike cleaned up, kit right out of the dryer, freshly shaved legs, the whole nine for a great ride with a big group we were supposed to meet up with. I roll out of the house to realize that the roads are wet, its kinda misty and the wind is blowing out of the south it seems. What a day for rolling with a gimp leg after not riding for almost two weeks anyway. Our ride starts with Chris contacting some of the other people we are supposed to meet up with. Apparently we are the only cyclist in Houston who HTFU (or are just sadists) for a ride this early in the morning. We get down on our main road heading south out of Houston and I am drafting last in line to get out of the wind but having to drop back because of all the muddy spray being kicked up through one section of some nasty road. We are all just getting just as dirty as can be...except Euan who is pulling up the ENTIRE time into the wind. I think we were holding 21 to 23 most of the time. My legs are on fire and I am having to be mindful of my pedal stroke on the left by about mile 3o. I can tell I have not ridden and been over working. OUCH. John is fatigued as well and is cursing Euan for the pace he is setting. Chris and Gary just sucked it up and sucked wheel. Of course when we hit one section and Euan took a wee break he had a very sinister grin after hearing the about the pain he was inflicting on our small group. GEEZE. Finally as we hit our turn around point and were about a mile from first rest stop I took a go at Euan. We were straight on into the wind and I just knew he was gonna go, I took off after him and we start laying it down side by side Poker Faces the whole way. Laying it down was at about 400+ watts at only like 21 mph. I kept trying to edge my wheel in front of his but even after 45 miles of pulling, he still would edge back in front of me...finally I popped and limped the last quarter mile into the country gas station. Of course to save my fragile male ego from any damage I quickly reminded myself and Euan that I am only using one leg here and that I have been off the bike for over a week and I have been working alot and blah blah blah. I feel much better now. LOL
So we stock up on some calories for our ride back looking forward to some tail wind, laugh at how bad that sucked riding through all that crap and comment on how dirty we all are. AHHHH...we are feeling pretty bad a$$ right about now. ;-) The ride back some how did not seem that easy. Like a dumby I tore off with Euan again, this time at 30plus for several miles and over shot our turn. So we had to turn back into the wind to make the right turn and catch up to the guys with Chris who knew the route and made the right turn. Everyone is getting tired and ready to be off the bike. Its been a harder day than normal. Chris though realized towards the end that he is only about 20 miles from hitting his goal of riding 10,000 miles in 2008. WOW WOW WOW!
We near the end about a mile from Euan's house and John (who has been tired and complaing the whole ride) tears off to attack Euan up a common sprint hill. Just watching them take off made lactic acid rush into my thighs. John basically gave Euan a perfect lead out but not with out making Euan work for they hit 34 going up the hill. CRAP!
We got to E's house and washed off our bikes before heading home. Each of us knowing that this was a great ride and would not have had it any other way.

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