Thursday, December 25, 2008


This is a set of custom wheels that I had laced up for a lucky girl who got them as a Christmas gift from her bf that just got in a set for himself a week ago. So for a solid week my friend and talked up these wheels and how amazing they are and how great they would be on her Guru as well and how much lighter they would make it over the wheels she has. Just constant rubbing in how great these things are. Today, Christmas day, she got her gift and was floored...and immediately went out on a ride with her bf (who just got some MAJOR points) and was amazed. More to come on that ride and her future ones.

The first set we got in went to a customer/friend who got them for his new Guru Crono that is coming in in the next couple days. So basically he has been riding them everyday since he got them. This is an Edge 68 Clincher rim, DT Swiss Aerolite Spokes, Tune Hubs, Edge Rim Strips, Michelin Latex tubes, Schwable Ultremo tires, Tiso cassette. The raw wheelset, with out tubes and tires, weighs in at 1470grams. For a deep dish clincher that is pretty amazing.
This is the rear wheel, Tiso 12-25 cassette (112 grams) this is a 24 hole hub, 16 on the drive side in a cross pattern and 8 radial laced on the non drive side. The incredibly high spoke tension allowed on these wheels due to the spoke holes being molded in (all other carbon rims have the holes drilled out) matched with the unique ratchet sound of the Tune hub makes for a VERY distinct sound when coasting on these...the hollow carbon rim just echos everything beautifully and every shift makes a commanding "tang" that says watch out.

This is the front wheel, 20 hole hub radial laced. Smooth as butter with a nice little hum as is slips down the it passes you effortlessly.


  1. even though i was on the good list, santa dis'd crono!

  2. I feel your pain. But per the Shama Cycles sales agreement, Section VI Part I, no one can rider their Shama Cycles custom rig on wet roads or in construction zones for 60 days after taking delivery. You would not be able to ride it anyway. Thought the pictures of that thing built on the Blog would be great. ;-)