Tuesday, December 23, 2008

First day for carpeting

So this morning started off pretty well. Ran into a pretty empty Galleria to get my daughter's Christmas gift from Movado. In and out at 9:30am and I can't complain. Stopped by FedEx for some shipping needs and then to the shop. Figured out some carpet needs and called up a friend and by 2pm I had 1100sqft of carpet in the shop. Now rolling it out and making it stick is another thing. But who knew cyclists could be so resourceful in remodeling jobs. So far its been all FOPs that ride that have been doing all the work on the shop. Its great to have so many friends who are able to help like this.
By Friday I hope to have the rest of the carpet done. Till then I have a Guru build and a Edge Wheelset to attend to.

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