Monday, March 9, 2009

Zipp Vuma Crono crankset

These cranks have been teasing us for some time now. Finally Zipp is shipping them and I have one of the first ones in my hot little hands. Just amazing looking and I can't wait to install them. Of course my customer for them was out riding and I met up with him at the park and he happened to be on the bike we are putting them on. So on the side of the road we are opening up a box from Zipp and out comes this amazing crank that is just stunning...
We held it up to the bike and wow it looked like another wheel it was so huge. See this is a 54/42...the big man rings. And I bet it will be done proud!
Needless to say he is excited to get these installed so he met me at Panera Bread while I was eating my post ride sandwich to drop off the bike. So now now coming will be the pics of the Crono finally completed. Soon...very soon.

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