Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New life into an older Crono

Not everyone can always have the latest greatest in this tough economic landscape. LOL I don't think my business is a good reflection of our times but still sometimes we have to show some moderation. Here is a perfect example. Guru Crono, circa 2006 with full Dura Ace and an old Profile Designs one piece bar and Fizik saddle. Now its 2009 and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the frame and the design is the same and its a perfect fit...sop what to do when you are wanting to spend money in anticipation of your Stimulus Check???? (forgive the political humor)
I am glad you ask...
Zipp aero bars, the very adjustable 3 peice set up, we picked the base bar, clip ons, and S bend extensions. VERY light and SUPER stiff for big guys or guys who like to rip on the front of thier rig. The bars are held on by a KCNC TI Pro stem. CNC machined for strength while being lightweight. Plus the simple graphics on a black stem work with the bike well.
For now we are trying out the Blackwell fork, we will see if it stays on or not.
The saddle was upgraded to a Selle Italia carbon shelf that has a water bottle holder built into it. Nice and aero for the short stuff! Then we rocked the Rotor Agilis Crankset with a SABB ceramic bottom bracket and a set of 54/42 aero Qrings. This lightened up the drivetrain while freeing up the spin of the cranks. Which now has the chain spinning through ceramic pulley wheels in a pimped out Dura Ace rear D that is now 20grams lighter from the tune kit for it that is anodized in red for some flare. The whole thing is cabled together with Nokon cables, white with some black an red in there. Oh yeah, and just to tie in the white on this mostly black rig we up graded the brakes to TRP 950SLs in white. We dropped justs over 2lbs off this bike and made it spin more efficiently...not to mention the looks.
This weekend is the true test...Fayetteville Stage Race. Oh yeah...I have to build up a TT bike for myself this weekend still. Whats the old saying about new bikes in races...well...even if I am still cabling it Friday...I am still racing a new TT bike on Saturday. Just the question is do I build a Merus or a Crono???