Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Guru Venio pinked out

Pink detail on the look pedals...

Pink hoods...love it!

Of course the matching pink stem cap...Shama Cycles baby!
What an upgrade. From where she was at on the bike she was on. Mostly her husband would keep up with her and sometimes drop her. I sold him is current bike about a year ago which is a very nice bike. But now...the tables are turned. They were at the Gator Ride as well this past weekend for her first big ride on the bike. She was very excited. She was dropping her husband and the only thing that seemed to sooth his conscience was knowing that at least that the money he spent on her anniversary, birthday, Christmas, Hanuka, st Patrick's day, Presidents Day, and what ever else he thinks he can through in there present...was money well spent. Today he dropped off his bike for a tune up and some updates. hahaha LOVE IT!

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