Friday, March 20, 2009

End of a crazy week and beginning of a great weekend.

The all nighter bike...

Below: Guru Merus, ready to race/ridden for this first time trial. Finally I barely had time to do it.

TGIF!!!! I think. The weekend is upon us and I am up at 11:30 pm blogging when I have my first stage race to race this weekend in 4 years. Which means that since I am supposed to be getting up at 5:30 tomorrow morning to get ready for a 7:40am roll out...I should probably be asleep.
This race will be a bit different than the other 3 I have done already this season, its the firsts one I will get more than 3 hours of sleep the night before and won't have to drive 3 hours in the morning to get there. I am about 20 minutes away thanks to my team mate Andrew Strong. Plus I have my daughter with me for the weekend as well as some other kids here so she is good and I will not be missed at all while racing in the morning. I have 5 teammates with me in the 3 stage race this weekend which makes it even more fun! This weekend is one of the perks of the way I run Shama Cycles, schedule out every thing to be done before or after an viola, I have a weekend off to race.

What led up to me laying in this amazing bed in this super nice "weekend home" is down side of owning your own business. If there is such a thing in a high end bike shop. LOL
Suddenly everyone wanting their bikes for the weekend. For example, a friend of mine ordered a complete DuraAce 7900 grouppo and other parts last week. Should have been in Wednesday but instead they came in Thursday. So at8pm Thursday night I got a bike with old DuraAce and I left the shop at 4:30am Friday morning with bike that was 1lb and 2oz lighter down to 16.07lbs.
Fun and amazing but I was exhausted and slept till 8:45 when I was awakened by a customer on his way to the shop. OMG this sucks. Tired as can be I made it over there and worked till 5:30pm...time to get my daughter and our stuff and head to Fayetteville! Of course I worked on 5 bikes today which was only a tapper from how I was earlier in the week. But I was able to build myself a time trial bike. A Guru Merus. More on that to come.
For now I am fading and need sosme resest.

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