Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St.Patty's Day, teammates, and I need to blog more!

Well today is St. Patty's Day and in good fun of the day we like to enjoy ourselves a bit. In amongst quite a few bikes stacked up waiting for my touch I was able to stop and take time with a team mate and friend as she cleans her rig for some testing in Austin tomorrow by her coach David Wenger of Source Endurance. Laura Meicha, aka Lowda, is a former State Crit and Time Trial Champ as well as season points winner as she has moved her way up to a Cat 2 road racer.
While she might sound wicked fast and scarey to ride with for he pain she can cause you...mostly you will just get dropped while catching your breath...from laughing so hard. I have never met a woman racer with a lighter sense of humor when it comes to racing and riding.
So in keeping true to how we roll...she is at the shop cleaning her bike and the only thing in her work apron is a Shiner bottle. Gotta love it!
Happy St. Patrick's Dat to ya!

Lots of bikes to post and get caught up on, but by 1am when I get home, I am usually too tired to blog. They will come soon though.

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