Friday, January 15, 2010


The new heavy weight killer frame on the block is the lightest frame made with some of the best riding characteristics there can be in a bike. This one and my own will soon be built up I can hardly wait. Much more to come on these frames here....


  1. Nice! I'd heard a few of these had been let loose. How much does it weigh?

  2. 747 grams for a 54 cm frame. We have a 10 lbs bike built-up in our Montreal Guru store.

    Phil Pinsky
    Marketing Manager
    Guru Cycles

  3. Well, the 10 lb bike is extremely impressive, but there's plenty of frames (like Cervelo R3-SL or Scott Addict) for which that would have been a 10.3 lb bike, so a total bike wt isn't the main thing :). I was wondering how big this particular frame was, since it's a random "real-world" sample.

    All that said, I absolutely love what Guru's done with this thing. Since the death of the Ruegamer Überlight, this is clearly the most drool-worthy frame I've seen. The custom geometry is a big factor there: light and custom is a very rare combination, at the price of plenty of stock-geometry frames out there.

  4. Sorry I just saw this posting.
    I have ridden my Photon for over a month now, I have 4 other bikes that are all super nice. But I have not ridden anything else since I got on this frame. I built it up for racing, Guru laid it up stiffer than normal as I just don't need a light frame. Though with it built its 13lbs with race wheels. But does it ride like a bike that is too light that some of the light bikes often do? NO. This bike is AMAZING! By far the most amazing frame made. To say that its made of carbon fiber as so many bikes to belittle what this thing rides like. Everyone talks about how space age, military grade, blessed by the Pope or what ever their carbon is...this is the first frame that actually rides like its made of something different. Ever gone from that entry level road bike to the top of the line bike? Now imagine all the time of the line bikes are entry level and this is top of the line...the difference is that huge. No lie, I can not say enough.