Monday, January 25, 2010

The NEW 2010 Guru Evolo

So here is the new "cost effective" custom carbon frame from Guru at only $2500 the new Evolo is selling very well. I actually just got mine in as well. Of course the hard part of what I do (other than blogging at 2am) is having to ride what I sell....which is why I only sell nice bikes. I know...its a tough rule to live by but I suffer through it. So far I have done three very hard rides on this rig and I love it. I am rocking a 15 lbs bike with out even really trying. Yet the feel is a ride that is not scary light but solid through and through. Accelerating on it is a piece of cake...and the ride is smooth as butter. Sorry, this is what I get for typing while my stomach is growling.
I was put out of commission for 3 months due to a very bad crash in a crit. This coming Sunday is the first crit of the season and I am no where near where I would want to be fitness wise. But hey, I am just happy to be able to ride again and with a new rig like this...there is no better place to test it than in a hilly crit. I can't wait!

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