Monday, January 25, 2010

Pink & Black Guru Crono for a friend

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I am a lucky guy. I get to meet great people all the time and form relationships from them all. I met Robin a while back and realized what a great person she is and also how much heart she has in racing triathlon. When she wanted a new bike she came to me out of trust and friendship and I could not have been more honored. So we began our process with the most important part much pink is too much pink??? haha So sat and planned out each part of the bike almost based on color. If Nokon would make pink cables then they would have been on here too. We even have HED making us pink decals for the wheels...I will add those when they are on the wheels. Ok, the really important part was the geometry of the bike. She just had a HUGE PR at Ironman Florida (no she was not drafting, haha) and to pull her off of her Cervelo P2SL and promise her more speed on the bike and into the run. So of course my job was huge there. We designed the frame and got it all going. Mean while I even got Zero Gravity to make a pink color for the accents on the GSL brakes. She came in for her pre-fit and upon sitting on the bike she was in tears. Now usually I make people smile when they see their new bike and get to sit on it on the Computrainer. But no, not Robin, she was emotional over having this nice of a bike built up the way she wanted. While it caught me off guard seeing her reminded me what it is I really do...I help athletes dreams come true on two wheels. I can't wait to follow her this year in her races and see how far this new rig will take her and to how many more PRs.
I love my job!

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  1. Great story! That's a sharp looking bike. I'm looking forward to what you'll be able to do with my green Merus when it gets in!