Monday, January 25, 2010

Pegoretti upgraded

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One day early January I had a guy walk into the shop after running into FOP extraordinaire Steve Quick at Memorial Park. He was looking for new shoes. I had some bikes to work on but no appointments so it was easy to talk to him about shoes. We chose Bont shoes. But they are so different than any other shoe out there I was worried he would not appreciate the shoes unless his fit was right which he mentioned he was not that comfortable anyway. So he rolled in his bike and it was this beautiful hand welded Pegoretti. We set him up on the trainer and heated up the shoes to get them ready to be molded. We chatted about the bike and how he came to own it and what frame he was coming off of before this one. Full Campy Record 11 and other really nice parts...but nice is only good if it fits. With new Bonts cooling on the feet we began the fit and quickly I realized some things that need to change. We did a little here, a little there, and before you know it over the period of a week of making a change, liking it and wanting more, we changed EVERY THING but the front and rear derailleur,brakes and shifters. New wheels, new cranks (Zipp ceramic BB holding Lightning crank), chain rings, chian, bars, stem, seatpost, saddle, new cables, and cages. Sure, we made it lighter but the real story is how much more comfortable, faster, and can go for longer than he was before.
Now as I work on his old bike (a Steelman) to get it a little more like this one....we joke about the most expensive pair of shoes he ever bought that one fateful day. hahaha

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