Monday, April 26, 2010

Workin on a Junior's bike...World Champion ambitions

We all wish we could be like the pros, maybe race like the pros, be as fast as the pros, eat like the pros...still be as lean as the pros??? haha But most of us never will be. But our parents didn't get us started in racing at a young age like a pro so we can all blame them. So what happens when your parents do start you out young...some times in the junior ranks you strike gold and a talent is recognized. Such a thing has happened in the Houston Texas area with one young racer...Lawson Craddock. Around here we have known or known of Lawson for a while as he would kick our butts at the age of 14 in the crits. Get in a break with him and his lack of draft would only add insult to injury as you struggle to keep his pace. I know from first hand experience...yet he has moved on in the ranks and I have not. Again...I blame my parents. ;-) We have watched Lawson grow and get faster and get picked up by developmental teams so he can race in Europe and see where he can take this bike racing thing. Well...the home town boy has made good so far. Last year at the age of 17 he was 2nd in the Junior World Time Trial Championships and just this month he got third in the Junior Paris Roubaix road race. Yes, 116k of the same cobbles on the same day that Fabian Cancellara displayed his dominance. A-FREAKIN-MAZING! So when his dad asked for some help with the cabling issues on his new Cervelo P4 I jumped at the chance. Not only did I know that I could help them fix the problem and make it even better, but the chance to work on a bike that is going to be raced in this years Junior World TT Championships is pretty cool for someone in my line of work. Of course I asked Lawson all kinds of questions about Paris Roubaix and how tough it really is and how awesome it was to ride into that velodrome and stand on that podium. What a memory! Ok, yeah, I worked on the bike and bars, complaining about the stupid internal routing of the frame and installing my Nokons that fix so many things. Fun stuff and will make following him and his Rainbow jersey quest that much more exciting to follow. GO LAWSON! Houston is pulling for ya!

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