Thursday, April 1, 2010

2010 Guru Evolo for Jon

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We all love to ride, triathletes and roadies alike. But at Shama Cycles it seems that the triathletes are getting faster on the bike from hitting up group rides with Shama roadies and other lycra clad friends. A triathlete showing up for a group ride usually involves them showing up on their tri bike. Well this is not ideal for them let alone for some of those in the group. We welcome all but if you want to draft and pull and have everyone around feel secure you might want to show up on a road bike. Don't have one? We can fix that just like we did for Jon. With a custom road bike of course. Now Jon can ride in the pack and work with the back and in complete control the whole time ready for what ever might come your way while following that wheel in front of you. You can ride more miles and at higher speeds and stay motivated to work harder and longer which translates to a faster bike split in the tri. Sure its a road bike but the geometry being custom we design the frame and fit to translate perfectly to the tri bike. Oh yeah, this rig looks pretty awesome too! Pearl White with Flame Red and Orion accents. This is Guru's entry level carbon frame and its so much more than entry level. Truly amazing ride for the money and probably one of the best values of a carbon frame period. You will be seeing a lot of these on the road coming this year.

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