Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dr. Photon

Photons 011
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I have known Mark for some time now and watched and helped him race a little here and then. Then finally this year he joined on to the Shama Cycles Race Team and his life has been better ever since in every aspect of his life...I believe even his wife loves him MORE because of it. haha ok, maybe not really. Ok seriously, I was able to work on his beloved Colnago in February getting him ready for a training ride in Colorado by fitting up the bars, stem, lighter brakes, better cranks with a compact option and new cables...oh yeah and upgraded from 10spd Campy to 11! I pulled a trick on him on his crank size and after a solid crit race later on, he was SOLD on my work and choices on his equipment as he was loving it. Now came the work to get him off the sloppy Colnago and onto something a little better. Finally after some gentle persuasion (a chair, spotlight, duct tape and a baseball bat) he ordered a Guru Photon. The geometry wasn't that far off from what he was on, but it was slightly longer and taller in the front...but the angles and BB drop were made to be all race. even down to the rider specific carbon layup which was beefed up to give him a frame that just won't move under him. No touring geometry here...this is a pure race machine. So we pulled all the new stuff off the Colnago and installed it right on the Photon with ease. Yesterday we did a quick fit on the trainer for some quick rides before we Retul it and even then when he stood up on the trainer and cranked on it....the bottom bracket didn't move. CRAZY! Not a big deal? Have you ever looked at your BB while on a trainer cranking out serious power...they all move when the rear is fixed.
The wheels here in the photos are Hed Jet 4 FRs which are his "training" wheels since his "race" wheels are Hed Stinger 6s. As Shown here...its 15lbs. With race wheels...14lbs. What an amazing frame!

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