Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gateway To The Bay Olympic 2010

If you read my take on the Sprint below, you will see how great I though the race was put on. The Olympic was just as good! Straight to the race. The big part was the relay. The relay usually never really gets any attention in a race but not at this race...it was the focal point. WHY? Andy Potts was part of a charity relay team as the swimmer and then had a biker and a runner who gave to the benefiting charity to win their chance to be on Team Potts. Then Team Reed had a swimmer and biker as Matt ran the run leg (31 minutes). Our friend Chris Sustala is a good triathlete and even better swimmer even though he is on the Tri On The Run Team, he mentioned to me how he wanted to race Andy Potts in the water but needs a biker and runner. Sounds good to me! I got Steve Quick who can do a 56min 40K and Mitch Sanders who can run a 33 minute 10K for the rest of the race wondering how bad ass these pros would swim and run as well as how good were their other relay partners? Plus would there be any other super relay squads giving it a go. Who won? Well team Shama Lama Dot Dong won! Which was quite an honor to have our guys on top of the podium with Matt and Andy on either side. Sure, not fair in a way but its the best chance any mortal has to finish ahead of such super star athletes. ;-)
We thought we would have the fastest time but the overall winner of the day actually was a minute faster than us. WHAT A FREAK that guy is. haha Then came the Age Groupers. Watching all the guys and girls just grind through the bike and run was awesome! I road the bike course and run course snapping shots and yelling encouragement too all! I saw many clients and team members in Shama gear and it just brought me great pride to see so many out there. It was a great race! Oh...something note worthy was Waly Yarrow as he's running strong at about mile 5 I see him and he points back behind him and yells out "bike for show or run for dough" LMAO! Referring to Greg Colvin and Nigel Willerton who flew by him on the bike only to be passed back up on the run. hahaha Gotta love it when friends are your biggest competitors!
The podiums?
Shama Lama Dot Dong Fastest Relay (Crono)
Carlye Graydon Masters Female (Magis)
Lisa Y 1st in AG (Crono)
Melanie S 3rd in AG (Magis)
Robin C 2nd in AG (Crono)
Jitka N 2nd in AG
Jon E 2nd in AG
Brett C 1st in AG (Crono)

I am proud of all who raced and flew the Shama Cycles colors! Great race weekend with great people!

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