Saturday, February 27, 2010

LSU fans die hard!

LSU Ventus 006
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I got a call from my friend Josh Foster one day saying he had a friend he was sending my way. He wasn't sure he would really be able to afford my typical creation and was wondering if I I could just maybe help him pick out a bike that he could afford if not from me. Josh knows me and knows that I will talk to anyone and love to help people get on the best bike for them...whether its from me or not. So his friend Josh Stibrich came in and we chatted about him being new to tris and not sure he can really spend the money on one of my big fancy rigs. So we talked and looked at some other options and then we hit the color options and he joked about "well if it was purple and yellow" and then it was over! haha I can get Guru to do nearly anything...including getting my customer's college colors on their bike. So Josh went home to "think about it" or as we all know...ask the wife. Next morning we were a go! Sound too easy? She went to LSU as well so it was an easy sale at that point. Sure, I did my due diligence on frame design and such but that is so boring for most. After nailing down the frame geometry with Guru, came the fun part....trying to figure out how to keep the theme of the purple and yellow frame into the rest of the parts that makes the bike. I of course turned to Zero Gravity brakes to get a yellow color they don't typically offer. Sure maybe the brakes are a bit above the rest of the level of the components but we are going for looks here on these. Then I turned to Velocity wheels for a special set up. With more purple on the frame and knowing they there are not yellow nipples, we chose a yellow rim and purple nipples. We also got some yellow Jagwire cables and purple Deda bar tape. The rest...Sram Rival cranks, front derailleur and rear derailleur. Oh yeah...Hed Vantage 8 aerobars with Sram carbon brake levers and shifters for the hands and forearms while his...errrr.....sit bones rest on a Selle SMP Forma saddle. The fit came off great and I look forward to seeing the rig at many local events this season....I don't think any one can miss this rig....its loud and proud! GEAUX TIGERS!

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  1. I have to say that going into this, I was a little skeptical that a custom bike was going to make that much of a difference. However, now I am just amazed at how much better I feel on this bike compared to what I have ridden in the past. Not only am I more efficient and faster, I get off the bike and only my legs feel the ride. This bike is worth every penny put into it, and those colors are B-A-utiful.