Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Finally a tri bike for a girl killing it on a road bike

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I really get a kick out of some of the people I get to work with. Most of the time I get people who are on poorly fitted bikes and or bikes that just don't fit and they are typically mid age groupers who move up quite a bit if not podium makers with their new rigs from Shama Cycles. But what do you do when some one is already winning overall and masters in every race she enters? How do you tell some one that is winning that they need to be faster??? say "Hey Diann, I know you are killing it on your road bike with clip on aerobars that I fitted you on 3 year ago...but its time to get a real tri bike and get really fast and start gunning down more of the men." After saying this for about 2 years FINALLY I got my way and she came in this past December to pull the trigger. OH CRAP! Now I have to deliver more performance to some one who is already very fast. Well...I have done it before so I like the challenge and will do it again. We picked the frame and parts, choosing the Guru Crono as the frame of choice, then the HED Vantage 8 aerobars for their adjust ability and Sram Force components with Rotor SABB ceramic BB, Q-Rings, and Zero Gravity brakes and Selle SMP Forma saddle. Best part of the build was the fitting and letting her learn how to shift with bar end shifters. Oh man...the irony. Oh yeah, her HED Disc, she won that at the Tour de Greune Time Trial...on her road bike! Once again my name is on the line and I look forward to being there at her first race and watching her KILL it on this new machine. Oh you view the pics....her husband was getting on the bike to see if it can fit him as well...not quite....haha

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